Travelers Advised to Get Influenza A Vaccine before Visiting India

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Travelers Advised to Get Influenza a Vaccine before Visiting India

If you have plans to visit India, it might be a good idea to get the seasonal influenza vaccine for the swine flu or influenza A (H1NI). The vaccine is available at private health facilities in Malaysia.

According to Bernama, Health director-general Datuk Noor Hisham Abdullah said those planning to visit India, especially children and the elderly, those suffering from chronic diseases pertaining to the lungs and heart and kidney diseases, are advice to get the vaccine.

The Indian Health ministry recently confirmed that there is a significant outbreak of the influenza A virus of the same type with the H1NI pandemic that occurred in 2009.

According to Bernama, “The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced in 2010 that the world was in the post-pandemic phase of H1NI and United Nations agencies were no longer monitoring the H1NI influenza infection specifically, because the method of infection, signs of infection, risks of infection and complications due to influenza A are similar to a seasonal influenza. The seasonal influenza virus infection, including H1N1 is spread in the community via droplets when infected people cough or sneeze.”

Source: Bernama

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