Kampung Baru in KL to be Developed

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Kampung Baru in KL to be Developed
Photo credit: naimfadil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Kampung Baru is a Malay enclave in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which was gazetted as a Malay agricultural settlement by the British administration in 1900. The idea was to let Malays retain their village lifestyle within the then-young city. In the ensuing years, Kuala Lumpur transformed from a small settlement into a sprawling major city. The plot’s value has risen dramatically over the years, and attempts and plans to redevelop it have been thwarted because it is necessary to get all the small landowners to agree to sell their land before redevelopment can take place. The government says that now 88% of the landowners have agreed to the sale and they can feel confident they can persuade the rest to agree, which will allow implementation of a master plan to transform this historic part of KL.

There is already some development in Kampung Baru village where the developers have been able to persuade the landowners to sell. UDA Holdings is constructing a mixed development which will comprise over 600 serviced apartments and nearly 100 office units. The master plan includes offices, hotels, retail, and residential buildings as well as parks and attractive landscaping. Apparently, some of the Malay homes will be retained and restored. It is expected to take around 20 years to complete the overall redevelopment.

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Nasrullah Ahmad Achakzai

It shows history. A old historical place. Should remain as it is now.

Yap Chee Hong

Value heritage, please.

Oliver Maynard

One day some billionaire will make even more billions for himself by robbing KL of Kampung Baru…
Malaysia should first develop the huge number of brown-field sites (such as the old Hyatt property close by) and only when these are completely exhausted move on to historical and green sites.

Katherine Lim

keep the land….. let the descendants compare left and right, it’s their heritage

Ong Phaik Kim

Kampong baru is a Malay Agriculture Reserve Land! Get that right 1st.
To develop the place need to change the land title first.

Redevelopment is the word used to rob the owner of their lands. Why should they sell? I support their refuses to sell! My family lands in Penang with us since 1872, we still have original grant issued by the strait settlement gov, n we too did not see any reason to sell for quick profit. It is the legacy for future generations!

Zatty Hj

No more historical …

Sandra Thomas Lapsley

This is where we live just off Jalan Tun Razak it’s a small leafy street with a few local shops yet within 5 minutes walk of a bustling capital city however it could do with a ‘tidy up’ as there is way too many pot holes and rubble and dangerous to walk on foot but otherwise perfect.

Idris Hasim

If you want to develope,make it like Develope Shenzen,China.Building 40 storey and above,ground floor to fourth floor only fo business,the rest floor for living.Car for tenant and customer can use lift for parking inside building…..Shenzen from nothing to big city…

Fesal Zed

If you visit other cities, the old towns are always the tourist attractions. They should find a creative solution for this..

Zoe Tey Yuen Jou

Why redevelope one of the most vibrant kampung in kl? This kampung is most visited by tourist!

Marianne Beekes

And so all the kampungs will disappear……

Calvin Low

Better to keep this land

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