7 places to visit in Taiping, Perak

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Taiping is located in northern Perak, about 302km from Kuala Lumpur. It is rich with historical landmarks and natural resources (in the 1800s, Malaya was famous for its natural resources with timber and tin being the most sought after).

Taiping is also known as one of the “wettest towns” in Peninsular Malaysia. And by “wet” we mean to say that the town sees an average annual rainfall of about 4,000mm. The average annual rainfall in the peninsula is around 2,000mm to 2,500mm.

It is a quiet town and some would say a perfect place to escape to in Malaysia for some peace and quiet. While Taiping may be a small and quiet town, there still are some interesting sights to take in. Here are 7 places you should check out when you visit Taiping.

 1. Lake Gardens

The town’s Lake Gardens is a popular tourist attraction. Located near Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill), Taiping’s Lake Gardens was originally a mining ground. It was later established as a public garden in 1880.

Lake Gardens1
Photo credit: sierra2u

The Lake Gardens takes up 64 acres of space and was the first public garden in Malaya (Malaysia was known as Malaya). The Lake Gardens consists of 10 man-made lakes and ponds such as Alamanda Pond, Island Pond, South Lake, Swan Lake and more.

Lake Gardens2
Photo credit: Tukang Kebun
Lake Gardens3
Photo credit: Tukang Kebun

2. Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut)

Maxwell Hill or Bukit Larut was founded in 1884 by William George Maxwell, who was the British Assistant Resident in Perak. Maxwell Hill is a hill resort, though it is not quite as developed when compared to Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands, but most people still enjoy the colonial atmosphere with the nice little English gardens and old-world bungalows.

Photo credit: shanlung

To go up the hill, you will have to hire a Land Rover, as private vehicles are not allowed. You can also walk up the hill, and you will find many people doing this as a form of exercise. But keep in mind that the trek up the 13km hill may take up to 5 hours!

Photo credit: shanlung
Photo credit: shanlung

3. Taiping Zoo and Night Safari

The Taiping Zoo was established in 1961, and it is known as one of the oldest Zoos in Malaysia. Covering up to 34 acres in space, the zoo features up to 180 species of amphibians, mammals and reptiles. The zoo is also famous for its Night Safari, which is a first of its kind in Malaysia.

Photo credit: nadi0

The Night Safari allows you to view a variety of nocturnal animals in their natural looking setting while some of the other animals are also available for viewing, if they are awake, that is. For this, you can choose to walk or take a guided tour on the tram.

Photo credit: SuperARO
Photo credit: phalinn

4. Taiping War Cemetery/Memorial

Located in Bukit Larut, the Taiping War Cemetery/Memorial was erected and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. There are more than 850 World War II casualties commemorated here including another 500 who remain unidentified till this day.

Photo credit: Anandajoti

The cemetery is divided into two parts. Christian graves are located on the south-eastern side of the road and non-Christian graves are located on the opposite side

Photo credit: shanlung
Photo credit: Anandajoti

5. Port Weld / Kuala Sepetang – Seafood Restaurant

Port Weld or Kuala Sepetang is a coastal town, about 20 minutes from Taiping. The town was originally named after a former Governor, Frederick Weld. Port Weld is a well-known fishing village and many people love visiting here to feast on fresh seafood.

Photo credit: kevinpoh

Fishin village 2

Fishin village 3

6. Perak Museum

The Perak Museum is located in Taiping, and it is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia. Founded in 1883, the museum was founded by Sir Hugh Low in 1883. To date, there are over 8,474 accumulated collections in the museum, consisting of cultural collections, nature collections and miscellaneous collections, including archaeological items. There is a guided tour for those who are interested.

Perak museum1
Photo credit:
perak museum2
Photo credit: YCTAN.2020
Photo credit: YCTAN.2020

7. Burmese Pool

The Burmese Pool in Taiping is a large rock pool along a stream at the foothills of Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill). Locals, as well as tourists, enjoy visiting this place to relax by the rock pool, which is mostly shallow. The water is fed by a small waterfall. There is a chalet available for rent for those who wish to spend the night here.

burmese pool1
Photo credit: Youharman
burmese pool 2
Photo credit: Youharman

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Patrick Cheng

I agree. Really an ideal place for the pensioners, good food and prices are affordable too. I love beautiful Taiping.

Ronnie Sim

Loved visiting Taiping when very young, remembering the rain every afternoon

Khadijah Abdul Gaffoor

My sweet hometown….brought up there and went to school there my lovely TMGS during early 60’s till mid 70’s left town in early 81 till now working in kl …there are sweet and fond memories back then…will only go back there in my free time …another name for Taiping ‘ town for pensioners…i guess may be many of us like to stay after our retirement coz the food is good and marvellous plus very cheap compared to some places and the town itself its awesome…thats My beautiful Taiping

Peter Pok

I was born in Taiping. There were many sweet memories. May GOD bless this place !

Agnes Camoens

My hometown too. Sweet memories growing up there. Must visit.

Mohamed Isahaq

My Favourite town -TAIPING. Renovated Railway Statiion is expecting the new Electric Trains soon . Clock Tower near Market Square needs service. Bus Station needs a clean-up. Beautiful Convenient TOWN with all Basic Necessities in one Square. WellWishes.

Naline Wong

yessssss my hometown, is always the best,

Zainal Abidin Yunus

Miss my hometown Taiping…used to visit all the 7 places while studying at King Edward V11 from 1963 -1967. Be going back to Taiping this weekend to attend a wedding . .

Kitson Foong

Chloe Lim, Chris Kooi, Jean Lew

Kikay Dhillon

Don’t forget a stop over at ipoh. My mums place for some cha.

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