Planned Seafront Project in Penang Draws Protests

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Planned Seafront Project in Penang Draws Protests
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In Penang, residents are protesting a planned high-density mixed development in Batu Ferringhi which includes a shopping mall and several residential towers, with the highest being 48 storeys. The road and pedestrian traffic along the single road running through Batu Ferringhi is already heavily congested, so there is considerable concern about the impact of a few thousand more residents living in this area.

The last few years have seen a lot of new construction along the beaches of Penang’s north coast – often the subject of protests by residents, including expats – but it seems most efforts to rein in the rampant construction have been unsuccessful.

As a growing country, both economically and in population, Malaysia has experienced a massive amount of residential and commercial property construction. We often receive correspondence from expats alarmed by some large, new development adjacent to their place of residence which will negatively impact them in one way or another. In many respects, this is the price of living in a rapidly developing country, although sometimes it seems not enough consideration is given to the potential impact of new construction.

Penang already has a significant problem with traffic and there is only a single road running through Batu Ferringhi. Clearly this development, if it proceeds, will make this situation much worse. It remains to be seen if the Penang government will approve the project.

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Tatiana Breger

I dont live there, but I will join the protest.

Lucinda Ramos Lee

Leave Batu Ferringi alone. Say no to this project. Roads alone won’t be able to handle traffics. What is wrong with you people.

Angela Ramadan Corijn

No no no no no,this has to stop!!!!

Roberta Divano

No please! It’s a beautiful place!

Pierre Mc

But one should wonder if the new development is going to be worse than existing one in this area??? I know batu ferirnghi for 15 years, never seen it that bad… this is no more Malaysia, this a soul in any part of middle east… wonder how those big names who invested in 5stars property feel about the change … from millionaires to second class tourists, with all the respect for the last…

Oliver Maynard

More destruction of the beauty of Malaysia so that a small handful of individuals can become even richer than they are already… what a tragedy!

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