A University in Pahang Plans to Combat Witchcraft in Malaysia

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A University in Pahang Plans to Combat Witchcraft in Malaysia

Well, this is interesting. According to a report in Bernama, University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), through the Committee for Advanced Studies in Witchcraft Law, has come up with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to combat the use of witchcraft.

The chairman of the committee, Dr. Mahyuddin Ismail, said that the formulated SOP was a result of a study that took two years. The study, which began in February 2013, involved individuals from various fields, including Islamic medicine practitioners, Islamic scholars, judges and psychiatrists.

The study had also received a grant of RM189, 000 from the Education Ministry, under the Knowledge Transfer Programme.

“From the study findings, we have formulated provisions on evidence, proving of case, as well as the SOP. Now, we are just waiting for any states to make the first move to introduce the law,” said Dr. Mahyuddin, who also revealed that so far, Brunei had shown keen interest on the findings of the study, and had asked for it to be implemented in the country.

Source: Bernama

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