How to Tell if Your MILO is Fake or Real

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As shocking as it sounds, MILO Malaysia’s Facebook page recently released a statement saying they were alerted by the authorities that there are counterfeit versions of MILO packaging and MILO powder being produced in Negeri Sembilan.

MILO announced that they are working closely with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism to curb this issue.

Now, if you are running to your pantry to check if you have the real deal or a fake, here is something to help you tell the difference. Check your MILO packaging. The original MILO packaging is machine packed and cut. Because of this, the edges on the top of the original pack will not have a perfect perforation. Look at the image below.


As for the taste, we really aren’t sure if there is a difference. If you have purchased a fake pack of MILO, do let us know if there is a difference in taste.

Check out this video taken from Sukan Star TV Facebook page, which shows what appears to be a small home-based MILO packaging factory.

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Gailyn Khoo

Is this real or fake? Its made in negeri sembilan in jan 2015

Jaspal Singh

Sorry but I am not buying Milo any more. Since there is no proper quality control. Bye bye Milo

محمد خالد

This is the real McCoy. Anyway, I haven’t bought any nestle product any longer.

Lily Wang

I bought a pkt of fake Milo from one of the wholesaler from Meru market Klang.

W Kiong Ang

Milo has the obligation to withdraw all its Milo from the market.

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Tanya Lee

Really fake Milo! Shoot me now…nothing is sacred

Casandra Anniah

Milo in big can more pure refiner more light

Bekki Moden

Paul Grigg fake milo!! Have a word!

Paul Grigg

lol…. sorry, you’re right, it’s my fault.!!!! haha

Ellen Joy Domondon

Thanks for the info.. I’m always buying milo for my kids..

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