5 Steps to Parallel Park in Malaysia

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Do you still find it a bit of a task to successfully parallel park your car in Malaysia? And, do you also congratulate yourself upon successfully parking your car in a parallel spot? As simple as this is for most people, some of us still find it a bit tricky, especially when there are cars behind waiting for you to get a move on. No pressure! released some handy tips awhile back that might help you.

Check out these 5 steps to help you parallel park like a pro.

  1. Find a suitable space – one that has enough space, front and back, for you to maneuver your car in. Pull up right next to the car in front of the space. The tighter the space, the closer you’ll need to be beside the parked car. Make sure the rear axle is aligned with that car’s bumper. Turn the wheel fully toward the curb. Always check the rear view mirror, side mirrors and blind spots to make sure the coast is clear and safe.
  2. With the signal light on, shift your car into reverse and back into the space slowly. When your front seat is in line with the front vehicle’s rear bumper OR your rear left corner is in line with the left front corner of the vehicle behind you, then you may turn the steering wheel fully to the other side and reverse slowly.
  3. Straighten your steering wheel once you have entered the space. Make sure you do not hit the bumper of the car behind you, and leave sufficient space for the car in front of you to exit its own space.
  4. Try to keep the car within parking lot lines and align your right front bumper to the right rear bumper of the front vehicle.
  5. However, if you are parallel-parking and find that you may be blocking entry or exit for another vehicle, or obstructing the road in any way, place your business card or a note with your contact details on top of the car dashboard or the front wind shield so that others can call when they need you to move your car.

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Allan Robinson

No this is the wrong way you should park alongside the car blocking him in then don’t return for a few hours. This is how drivers always park in Malaysia

Cedric JenZen

I’m driving a non powered steering my friend…. and I don’t find any problem.

Alan Cole

If you can’t parallel park in the UK you ain’t getting a driving licence and you can’t buy one either!

Cedric JenZen

Lol… I totally agree Alan Cole

Raymond Soosai

try doing that with no power steering

Alan Cole

Many Malaysia have no f**king idea how to park and what’s worse is they just don’t care. A disabled spot, double parking, taking two spaces, they do it without a second thought or any shame.

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