Malaysian Photographs Unique Star Wars Scenes in a Kampung

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Malaysian artist/photographer Zahir Batin has done it again. Using his collection of Star Wars action figures, Zahir managed to create some pretty cool scenes in a small countryside in Malaysia; Tanjung Karang in Selangor.

If you ever wondered what it would be like for a small kampung to be invaded by Storm Troopers or Ewoks, Zahir’s images will definitely entertain your imagination. Below are some of his images.

1. Star Wars (1)

2. Star Wars (2)

3. Star Wars (3)

4. Star Wars (4)

5. Star Wars (5)

6. Star Wars (6)

7. Star Wars (7)

8. Star Wars (9)

9. Star Wars (10)

10. Star Wars (11)

View more of his work here, on his website. You can also check out Zahir’s “cheat sheet” on his Pinterest account where he shows how he photographs some of these images.


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DeeJay Pelangi

The new PM Jet lah… 😉

Zafir Zakaria

excellent lah bro…..

Drylung Martyr

Sy Farouk Ensem Syed Azrul Zul Man

Anuar Latip

Not surprising..coz msia such an important country on the planet !

Farhan Hassan

M Hadzrul Zulkafli kemah

Jrom Rom

Awsome…Wonder who will win. The Kapchai or the speederbike 😀

Low Oon Jin

Shafik Kamarulzaman , your fantasy

Dan Tay

Hoit Lim Ade Csl Rudy Yee Candy Aw Jason-Timothy Nguyen .. Star Wars in Sekinchan?!

Mohd Ridzuan Mokhtar

Sheikh Famme malaysian creativity

Mohd Jauzee Abd Jalal

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