Amazing Wefie Captured by KL Tower’s Maintenance Workers

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Photo Credit: Ropequest Sdn Bhd

Taking selfies or wefies is a popular thing in this day and age.

This photo though, taken by a group of maintenance workers at the pinnacle of the 1,381-feet tower, is one worth.

The workers, who work for Ropequest Sdn Bhd, uploaded a photo taken using a mono-pod stick. The workers can be seen posing with their safety helmets and harness intact (safety first!) as one of them takes out the mono-pod stick to capture the moment. The view of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre from way up in the sky makes it one pretty amazing selfie.

There’s even a short video which you can view on Ropequest’s Facebook page.

Think there’s a better selfie or wefie out there with a view like this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Farid Affandi

When selfie was not yet invented. Legendary Yusof Ghani has done it all with just using a film SLR camera in 1996. Kau mampu.


Cheng Tek

They are having plenty of fun up there, must be very proud of their selfies this time. Thank to the smart phone technology. 🙂

Irani Shima

Wow! That’s the best selfie I’ve ever seen!

Kevnan Tan

This group of wefie first capture their photo while building kL tower

Amran Yahaya

This is awesome! Can’t look too long though…..gayat

Alison Harrison

been there but not that high up!!!!!! Eeeek

Daniel Yap

I thought selfie is disrespectful in Malaysia. .you disrespected the KL Tower!

Hilda Looi

My hair standing on ends. My legs wobbley!

Syed Waqas Nabi

Umair Mahmood and Zubair Mehmood

Lordson Obre

We should try this Zatriani Zade Dinia Villarin

Ian Towle

now that’s a selfie

Wayne Auld

How do you get this job???

Sidsel Skadberg

At de tør sier nå æ ?

Marena Ariffin

I maybe the anomaly here but I’m not impressed. Risking your life for a pic so that you can post it on Facebook to get many “likes” is absurd. It doesn’t seem cool or amazing–just irresponsible–not just to themselves but also to the public. It makes me question the company’s safety procedures when workers are allowed to do something like this.

Luqman Ibrahim

How do you know they are risking their lives?

Ron Nasron

How do you know that the objective of their wefie is to see how many likes they will get when posted on FB?

Amran Yahaya

Your concern is good and welcomed but looking at the kind of exposure our beloved city receives because of their risky act, I think it’s worth it. They took a well calculated risk for the city, not with a dean on a stage 😉

Alan Poh

Lighten up. People take photos of their mee, toe nail etc. This you got to take!

Giegie Belle

Lily Putih…aku bkan gayat je……mau pengsan 3 hr 4mlm…bahahahh

Saya Da Ada

Wahhh… hebat hampa ni

Janice Chin

Selfie cause many accident ! Beware guys

Paul McGrath

Now that is awesome!!!

Danny Weare

Ash Mills. Can you give us something like this pal??

Ash Mills

Will this do Danny Weare??

Phil Corcoran

Danni, I’m starting to think that you’re working undercover for the Malaysia Tourism Bureau.

Richard Leong

better don’t drop the phone over people head.

Kelvin Yeoh

Banglas not allowed to perform such climbs. Too many procedures to follow and too technical. You need skilled labour for things like these.

Kelvin Yeoh

Nope. We aren’t allowed to climb the pinnacle.

Osamah M Kiwan

Extremely brave of them.

Benjamin B. Magisa Jr.

Wow, the effort, take care guys!

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