Tesla Cars to Launch in Malaysia Later this Year

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A great deal of enthusiasm has been circulating in the Malaysian community regarding the introduction of Tesla’s electric cars to, if not fervent, skeptical reactions towards the idea and involvement of this new technology, as well as how its overture and progression is going to take the country a step further towards a more eco-friendly and tech-savvy community. To clear the air, the technology is indeed coming through the Southeast Asian waters, however, not too soon to the public.

The revamped S models, 70D and P85D, are set to launch later in the second half of the year. This launch is not a commercial one, however, as they will serve as official cars to the government-linked companies. Set on a two-year leasing time-frame, The Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (Greentech Malaysia) has managed to convince the less keen automotive company to import the cars into the country with the accordance that this initiative would promote an increasing awareness towards the astounding technology and the operation of green tech amid policy makers and the government as a whole.

By the end of the two year period, the government linked companies who are interested in keeping the cars will be able to purchase them following the expiration of the agreement. Greentech Malaysia superseded this by disclaiming the involvement of any form of public funds, as the entire operation is solely handed by Greentech Malaysia.

Despite the exuberant plans for its ministerial launch, no form of commercial plans has been announced up till recently nor will be announced in the near future for commercial use. You can read our previous thoughts about Tesla coming to Malaysia here”.

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Source: Paul Tan

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Yusri Yahya

I guess the govt still scratching their head how to imposed road tax on the car. Its total electric right?

Nick Davison

Yep, it’s totally electric.

Yusri Yahya

guess if i drive it in the streets of KL cops and JPJ wouldnt have rights to stop me..hehe

Raymond Soosai

they are thinking of who to give the dealership rights too

S.t. P'ng

No big deal, they use these cars as taxis in Amsterdam

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