Malaysia’s First Elevated Electric Bus Service is Available in Bandar Sunway

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Prime Minister Najib travels checks out the elevated electric bus service at the launch.

Malaysia’s first elevated electric bus service; Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which will work a 5.4km route in and around Bandar Sunway is finally here.

The BRT was developed by the Prasarana Group and the Sunway Group, and, according to Prime Minister Najib, is a public transportation project of international standard and is a pride of the nation.

“This project fulfils the desire of the government to develop an efficient, reliable and convenient public transportation system,”

The BRT is the latest initiative to enhance mobility for commuters and will also help to reduce traffic congestion, especially in Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya areas.

The service is currently free for the first two months.

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Source: New Straits Times

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Niño Labita

Maite Verna Jojo Ajie Yvonne Lawrence Mohd Faiz Matthew…

Vince Vincent

Nice but at the same time bus metro and other lorry are with so much pollution have been on going for years!! The damage on our air is irreversible.

Wong James

Go around a touristy place like Sun the way Ok mah… Not some remote place full of dead rohingyas

Ann Marie

free uons for 1st 2 mths bilangnyaa Clifford Elvin Eric Ivy Scarlett Bridger Millutz Jipanis Albert Nathan

Millutz Jipanis

Sunita KC Fadhilah S Fadh Fadhil Mohamad Hans Azmin May Sgm Revathy Subramaniam … cam besh ja

Millutz Jipanis

Clifford Elvin Eric Ann Marie Ivy Scarlett Bridger Albert Nathan cam.menarik ni

Millutz Jipanis

jum kama.. sbelum kmurang pulang kampung

Sheron Dutta

Can we keep this bus clean – perhaps daily wash before it starts its rounds?? Really pathetic dirty looking buses we have here in Msia ….. Doesn’t depict us as being a clean n hygienic society does it??

Siew Eng Chuah

Gotta ban eating and drinking and enforce it. So fellow passengers must be ready to call out anyone breaking the rule. You can see this happening on lrt now.

Suren Raj

Wow..i travelled..its really super nd nicely travel

Mengq Yek Lau

Joshua Lim, Nikki Pat, Ng Khang Chun.

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