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3 Food Trucks in KL to Check Out

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If food trends in Malaysia are charted, you may notice that they change frequently and are often influenced by trends from the West, particularly America. What has seen a rise there slowly makes its way to other parts of the world to also become a hit, from cupcakes and coffee parlours to gourmet burgers and now, more recently, food trucks.

Food trucks may seem like a new concept, but Malaysians are quite familiar to the food truck culture, just in different forms such as the roadside stalls and moving trucks selling fried banana fritters (pisang goreng), Ramly burgers, cendol, and rojak, just to name a few. Recently, the “street food on wheels” trend has gone through a revolution, and what street diners find now are food trucks with panache, innovation, and variety in terms of the food offered. The modern take on street food is slowly but surely gaining a strong following in Malaysia, so this month, we highlight some of the food trucks to look out for.

1. Flaming Wheels

Flaming Wheels

Photo credit: Flaming Wheels, Facebook

Launched in October 2013, the Flaming Wheels food truck offers healthy and quality meals on wheels. Offering bistro version of various local and international cuisines at affordable prices, this sexy beast of a truck is one you want to support not only for the food it whips up but also for the noble cause behind it, as Flaming Wheels was established with an ambition to provide support and raise funds for Make-A-Wish Malaysia. Concentrating its locations on participating universities, the Flaming Wheels Menu comprises local and international favorites ranging from traditional Malaysian cuisine, curries, and stir-fries, right up to European Gourmet meals, hotpots, sandwiches, and burgers.

Some of the must-tries in their extensive menu include the Chilli Beef Nachos, Chicken Schnitzel, Guy’s Lamb Meatballs, and Flaming Fried Rice. There are also healthy options for the health-conscious. The truck’s timetable can be accessed online at and is broadcast via Twitter and Facebook. An app is also available.

2. Little Fat Duck

Little Fat Duck

Photo credit: Little Fat Duck, Facebook

If you are on a shoestring budget, but want good, tasty, and wholesome meals at reasonable prices then head to Section 15 in Subang Jaya where you can find the Little Fat Duck. Worry not; the name may sound a bit trendy and chic, but at the Little Fat Duck, you can get hearty French and Italian cuisine for as little as RM5. Yes, you read that right. Starting each night’s operations at 8PM, Little Fat Duck is another food truck that is rapidly gaining a following for its novel dining experience that stands out against the wide array of local restaurants, burger joints, and quaint cafés in SS15. No duck is actually served, but what you can find is pasta such as Bolognaise, Carbonara, Creamy Fish Pesto, and their signature Aglio Olio for RM5 while other dishes such as Chicken Confit, Grilled Fish, Cream, of Mushroom, and Omelette are reasonably priced, too. Established in 2013, Little Fat Duck caters to urbanites who want something quick and tasty without the fuss of dining in a proper restaurant. Find out more on

3. Laughing Monkey

Laughing Monkey


Photo credit: Laughing Monkey, Facebook

Sometimes all you want is a cup of coffee to perk your day up, but when the attempt to get a good cuppa becomes a chore, it’ll certainly put you off from getting your caffeine fix. This has been easily remedied by the Laughing Monkey Café. The Laughing Monkey is a truck dedicated to providing you with affordable, rich, freshly brewed coffee and delicious sandwiches. Painted bright orange and combined with the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the Laughing Monkey is hard to miss as it makes its pit stops in areas such as Damansara Uptown, TTDI, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Jaya 33, Klang and Bukit Tinggi. The Laughing Monkey was established in 2013 with the aim of providing quality coffee in a fuss-free manner.

For the Laughing Monkey’s coffee, the ingredients are all fully imported from Australia and they pride themselves by using only award-winning beans, actually a blend from seven different countries, and roasted in Western Australia. Some of their recommended beverages are the Latte,
Mocha, and Hot Chocolate. Follow them on to find out more.

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Source: The Expat Magazine April 2015

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