Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Deadline Extended


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The ambitious 2020 deadline for completing the high speed rail link between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, which was originally targeted for completion by 2020, has now been officially pushed back.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said the design and tendering process would take about two years and then a further five years would be needed to construct the line. This makes a completion date on or after 2022 to be more likely.

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Michael Chan

Dont be suprised they can do it, by 2050.

Ahmad Jufliz Faiza

Selamatkan Tanahairku(4)
Tun Mahathir ‘father of corruption’.Whether he knows or ignorant about it.
1.The ‘father of corruption’ had in fact entrenched the feudalistic patronage Malay ,enhancing some corrupted chinese and others,and further entrenched and further embedded the Riba system/ legal tender & banking lending – interest 2.That’s why when he become the prime minister the total debt of rakyat and nation was rm32billion but when he retired in 2002 was rm504 billion.Now najib ‘the missing prime minister’ had to just continued it not just by corruption but ‘lost it in transit most of our assets’ and last Nov 2014 the debt had increased to rm1500 billion.Not to include/ mentioned 1Mdb,Tabung haji,EPF,Amanah pencen,Amanah raya and Felda fgv.
3.We all are part to be blame because we all agree to the system of Riba that economic development must correspond with debt economic.
4.We all have made the little monster/debt to become the source of destruction to human civilisation.
5.We are no better than the illegal immigrant who are seeking a bit of economic comfort in our country when we all here are also in debt continuously either by borrowing or inflation…
6.If we do not find and correct ourselves against this Riba system,I
would say that we also can be considered as ‘little father of corruption’.
7.Do remember Allah had declared war against people who take and condone Riba.And those who take Riba cannot stand correctly except his standing like being charm by the devil.In one of the hadith the prophet states that those who take Riba is like having married with your own mother .
8.Maybe and maybe that our political and economic turmoil that we face today in Msia&global is because our failure to fight Riba and understand that Riba as the the most oppressive conduct against our current civilisation.

Choo Eng Teck

At the rate things r moving, l think is a dead line. How to wait? Seniors have concession cards but cannot wait long long for good good idea to go come Malaysia happy ole days. Please quilt make line to enjoy b4 1ring=1sing.

Andy Chong

That’s expected with enormous cost overruns

Charlie Tan

“Communist” China can build the Beijing to Shanghai super high speed rail of 1318 kilometers in less than 2.5 years. Therefore, what is the big problem in constructing a rail track of less than 330 kilometers in 5 years???

Sukan Jaruyothin

How about making sure all the traffic lights around KLCC are working when it’s raining? Is it achievable for 2020? 🙂

Tan Siew Kheng

The faster you finish , the faster it benefits both countries.

Olivier Cane

2120 seems a sure deadline, if we are lucky they can even finish ahead of schedule…..

Morganov Rasanovich

Like that don’t wan liao.

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