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3 Things You Might Not Know about Nexus International School

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The Nexus International School opened its doors back in 2008 and today boasts of an enrolment of 750 students across 32 nationalities. Whilst this school has garnered international recognition for excellent educational practices and effective use of technology in classrooms, these accolades and accomplishments seem to be some of the school’s best kept secrets. Here are 3 things you might not know about Nexus International School.

1. Award-winning School

Nexus International School was awarded the Apple Distinguished School Award in April 2015, for its exemplary learning environment, leadership, and educational excellence. Only 3 schools in South Asia have met the rigourous criteria established by Apple Inc. – Visionary Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Ongoing Professional Development, Compelling Evidence of Success, and Flexible Learning Environment – and shown to be worthy recipients of this accolade. You can learn more about the Apple Distinguished School award here.

Apart from that, Nexus International School is proud to have a number of Apple Distinguished Educators within its staff. Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities.  You can learn more about the Apple Distinguished Educator program here.

On the curriculum front, Nexus is the only school in Malaysia (and one out of only 11 worldwide) awarded Mastering Status for its delivery of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Again, this is tangible evidence of the school’s superiority in creating learning environments to engage students effectively, for optimal learning. Students at Nexus are called ‘learners’ for a reason. They are not passive recipients of content but rather active pursuers in finding, creating and understanding information.

2. A Showcase School for Educational Practice and Technology

2. Nexus Students

Wthin the education community, Nexus is highly regarded as a showcase school displaying excellence for the delivery of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and also best practices in usage of technology in schools.

The IPC is an international, up to date, comprehensive and future oriented curriculum programme aimed at Early Years 1 to Year 6 learners growing up in the 21st Century. It nurtures a love of learning and encourages the necessary key skills and personal qualities.

The IPC annual conference was held at Nexus in 2014 and 2015, with educators visting the school to acquire innovative methods in IPC delivery. Indeed, teachers from international schools in Malaysia such as Garden International School, Help International and St. Stephens International school have all made learning visits to Nexus International.

In addition, Nexus’s status as an Apple Distinguished School has also created demand for teacher workshops and visits by the Malaysian Ministry of Education to see technology in learning. Nexus encourage teachers to think about how to use technology effectively to enhance engagement and the learning experience. Also, technology integrators in our schools guide teachers and work with learners to embed technology in lessons with the purpose of deepening their learning experiences.

3. It’s Not As Far As You Think – 35 minutes from KL City

Mention Nexus’ location at Putrajaya and an immediate perception of a long drive comes into mind. On the contrary, getting to Nexus only takes a mere 35 minutes from the the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Many of the local and international students commute daily from their homes in Bangsar, Ampang, Mont Kiara, Subang Jaya and even KLCC to our school.

Indeed, with the quality of education proven by the many accolades this school has won, Nexus International School should be a school of choice for Malaysians and International students alike.

More About Nexus International School

3. Nexus_fb

Nexus International School, located at Presint 15 at Putrajaya, has a beautiful, spacious and secure campus amodst lush greenery and charming landscapes. This environment is highly conducive for learners to experience learning both inside and outside of their classrooms. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, being carefully selected to deliver a well-balanced curricula based on the best teaching standards and practices around the world.

We promise to treat everyone as gifted and talented individuals and to foster those talents and gifts through careful mentorship and guidance that is based on respect for all by providing rich learning tasks and personalised feedback that will inform further learning. We will do this in an environment that allows learners’ talents to flourish; one that is innovative, progressive and grounded in trust, compassion and respect.


Facebook page:

Address: No. 1 Jalan Diplomatik 3/6 Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

360 Degree Tour: View a 360 degree tour of Nexus International School here

Phone: +60 3 8889 3868

Email: [email protected]

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