12 Free and Useful Mobile Apps You Should Download

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The great thing about travel apps is that they solve traveling problems you didn’t even realize you had. Before I hop on a plane or even book my next travel, I always make sure I have some of these important apps in my phone.You might find them useful too.

Read on to find out which (free) travel apps are worth your gigabytes.

1. XE Currency


This currency conversion app is simple, but stands out because it uses live currency rates, which keeps you up-to-date on the fluctuations of currency exchange rate.

Free download for Apple and Android.

2. SkyScanner


Looking to score the best airfare deal with the least amount of effort? SkyScanner will help you source for the best deals online. You can even pin potential deals to your start screen to monitor prices.

Free download for Apple, Android.

3. HostelWorld


If saving money on accommodation is your religion, HostelWorld is your savior. It provides you access to a directory with 25,000 budget hotels and over 3.5 million reviews.


Free download for Apple and Android.

4. Worldmate


Forward your booking confirmations and other travel details to [email protected] and this app will generate a comprehensive itinerary for your entire trip. It’s like having a personal assistant while you’re traveling- for free!

Free download for Apple, Android, and Windows.

5. Hailo


Save yourself from the ordeal of struggling to hail a cab in a foreign country, especially when you have your heavy luggage with you. With Hailo, simply press the ‘pick me up’ button upon landing, and, rest assured, that a cab is making its way towards you.

Free download for Apple and Android.

6. Waze


Enter your destination and Waze will not only navigate you there, but inform you on what’s the quickest route to take based on the road condition submitted by other users. Highways in foreign countries need not be intimidating.

Free download for Apple and Android.


7. Foodspotting


This is not your run-of-the-mill, crowd-sourced, restaurant reviews app. This app is meant for those who seek a gastronomic adventure. This app acts like a concierge armed with user-generated recommendations by the locals, on the best places to dine in a city.

Free Download for Apple, Android, and Windows.

8. Touchnote


Touchnote enables you to post physical postcards (yes, they still exist!) featuring your very own travel snaps. This will surely impress the recipients with its novelty.

Free download for Apple, Android, and Windows.

9. The Snow Report


Imagine flying all the way to a cold country for a skiing holiday, only to discover that there is a heavy snowfall. Such devastation could be avoided with The Snow Report, which reports on snowfall, skiing conditions, and recommended skiing trails.

Free download for Apple and Windows.

10. Google Goggles


Direct your phone’s camera at a building you’re curious about, and behold- this app will return relevant Wikipedia articles with full information on said building.

Free download for Android.

11. Wi-Fi Finder


With this offline app, your handheld device will help you search for the nearest source of wireless internet.

Free download for Apple and Android.

12. Trip Advisor


And last, but not least, is the TripAdvisor mobile app. This is a user-base app in which you will find brutally honest reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. Take the words of those who are hard-to-please, and you will only land the best deals.

Free download for Apple, Android.

And there you have it, some of my favourite travel apps to use. What travel apps do you rely on when planning your holidays? Let us know in the comment section below.

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