Enjoy a Watermelon in Malaysia with this Cool Carving Trick

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Need a new party trick to leave your guests in awe? Then this is one video you should watch.

All you need is a couple of watermelons (they have to be the same size), a good carving knife and some dish scrubbing pads.

Shave down one of the watermelon and cut the other one in half (don’t forget to scoop out the insides to enjoy later), and then just insert the skinned and smooth watermelon into the shell of the other. Ta da!

This video from Gizmodo will explain more.

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Source: Gizmodo

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Gabriel Ibghy

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Maryse Vienne

Not cool to throw food around when people around the world do not have enough to eat. And a bit too brutal around with children. Grown up must give good example not bad one. Not cool at all.

Sabrina Hashim

Maznah Yusuf Nick Rahim Yan Putra Surya

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