Malaysia’s Biggest Ikea to Open in Cheras this Year

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Artist impression of the new store. Photo credit: Ikea Malaysia, Facebook

Malaysia’s biggest Ikea will open in Cheras this November!

The 42,000 square metres space is located on Jalan Cochrane in Cheras, and is 20% bigger than its Mutiara Damansara store.

“Come end November 2015, Ikea Cheras will provide more Malaysians with Swedish home furnishings that are well-designed, functional, affordable and good quality,” said Ikea Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand retail director Mike King.

The building is pretty much completed and all that is left to do is to set up the fitting interiors, the operational setup and training of staffs.

According to Bernama, the company also has plans to expand to places in Johor and Penang.

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Source: The Malaysian Insider

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Mashidayu Ahmad

Sharifah NoorhayatiZety Mazuwani Abu BakarLovely QueenWan Nurul Ain Junid

Muhammad Nazrin

Vin Gill Shaza Mohammad !!!

Vin Gill

Cant wait !! Cc Amy Sidek

Amy Sidek

Lepas ni meatballs x yah jauh2.?

Yiwa Carey

David Calaz Honey, our sink is broken! Luckily we got a house with two kitchens!

Yiwa Carey

And you love me so deal with it (:

Norrizan Idris

Kak Qaseh Irdeena… kak Suhailah Abu Hassan

Erickson Gadia Banzon

Can’t wait for the grand opening! It’s near our apartment!

Florence Yau

Quickly open!!! So mutiara damansara can check out customers faster!!!

Urscilla Jaya Prahaspathiji

Patma Ranee I’m so exciteddddddd!!! Aren’t u?!?

Anis Hasliza

Jommmm. Tp takde rumah nk hias hehe

Amy Chong-Yong

ElinaNroy Chong & Jamie Chong, so near home

Jason Chong

Nearest LRT station is ?

KL used furniture

Great! Less traffic in Damansara area hopefully

Hafis Vera Friska

no matter how big it was, what ever it is, plase build a really2 huge ikea kitchen & make sure there’s a lot of table & it? yes please take a noted

Yati Rosdi

Approximately 900++ seating for ikea restaurant ?

Masrupawan Suriani

Masrupawan Norfrizani
Masrupawan Mawarni
Lagi besaq dr ikea damansara la

Masrupawan Norfrizani

Ha tau.. Tapi kat concrane.. Sesak pa.. Ehehhe.. Ritu aku suh nuri mintak kerja situ time dia bukak job besar2ran.. ?

Nainas Shaik

Jln cochrane still close for mrt works.May be there will be new outlet.

Usedto Knowme

and selling exact same thing year after year after year..

Hattusa Zahn

Habisla jam org noob go for the meatball and karipap

Lakshmi Nair

Farah Amuary ni yg tepi skola kita kan?

Lakshmi Nair

Eh..masih berangka je kan.. Bila nak buka? Knp jln tu mcm sgt lain dan skola kita out of focus?

Farah Amuary

Sebelah sekolah bukan….sebelah dia katanya

Farah Amuary

Yup…yg tu la…katanya nk buka dh

Jason Hamilton

That area is so jam now already….

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