Google Study Shows that Malaysians are World’s Top Multi-Taskers

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According to Google’s latest Consumer Barometer study, Malaysian’s are among the world’s top multi-taskers.

The study found that about 91% of Malaysians are on their smartphones while watching television.

“The findings reveal a few important things. It shows that we are well connected, smartphone penetration is very high and that Malaysians are generally curious and want to find out things immediately,” said Google Malaysia country head Sajith Sivanandan.

The study shows that Malaysia is well ahead of developed countries such as Britain (63%), Australia (60%), the United States (57%), Germany (53%) and France (49%).

Those with a smartphone usually uses it for social media, surfing the net, streaming videos online, researching, playing games, listening to music and more.

“The research shows that Asia is leading the world in smartphone usage and engagement, as well as many other activities such as online shopping,” said Sajith.

When it came to smartphone penetration, Malaysia is in fifth place (77%) behind countries such as Singapore (88%), South Korea (83%), Hong Kong (79%), Taiwan (78%) and Australia (77%).

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Source: The Malay Mail Online


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Danny Chang

Just a nice way to say they lack focus

Med Bouafia

job changers yes, but multi tasking i dont agree !!!!

Zsarina Girado

Yeah, I noticed the bus driver can drive and text at the same time. I’m grateful that he knows how to multitask, haha.

Med Bouafia

the bus driver should be indonesian, have you noticed that the guys at MCD dont have any skill to return a proper change to you???

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