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Portugal comes to KL

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Discover the unique tax and residential benefits of Portugal at KL exhibition and seminar.

1 Portugal

This post is brought to you by Fine and Country.

An exhibition and seminar taking place on November 28th at the Majestic Hotel in KL offers a unique opportunity for anyone planning on moving to Europe. Visitors will receive expert first-hand advice from a team of tax and property professionals who are flying in from Portugal to present the benefits of investing in the country.

Amongst the incentives offered by the Portuguese government to attract foreign investment are the NHR (Non Habitual Resident) scheme, which is particularly attractive to retirees, but also offers enticing tax breaks to professionals who domicile themselves in the country. Benefits, for a 10-year period, include total tax exemption on pension income and on passive income, from investments earned outside of Portugal; the only condition is that the individual cannot have been a resident of Portugal in the previous 5 years.

NHR status can be gained by individuals of all nationalities including European passport holders, and there is no minimum investment required in order to qualify. For non-European nationals, Portugal has the so-called “Golden Visa,” whereby an individual investing at least 500,000 Euros in real estate can gain Portuguese residency enabling free movement throughout Schengen agreement countries. The visa is extendable to family members (children and spouse) with the possibility of acquiring Portuguese passports after 6 years. The golden visa is particularly attractive to non-European parents, when planning the future for their children to study in Europe, including in the UK.

About Portugal

2. Portugual

Blessed with a wonderful Mediterranean climate, Portugal has long been a favourite holiday and second home destination for northern Europeans. The coastline, washed by the pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean, offers some of Europe’s finest beaches, whilst Portugal and especially the Algarve in the south is recognised as one of the world’s greatest golfing destinations. The country has a very low crime rate and is politically stable, whilst the economy has shown strong signs of recovery in recent times. The growing expatriate community is served by numerous international schools, both in the Algarve and around Lisbon, with excellent private and public health care facilities.

About the Event


A charming villa in the Algarve offered for sale by Fine & Country

The full-day, Portugal Property and Investment Exhibition and Seminar at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, on November 28 will feature two repeat seminar sessions; one at 11.30am and another at 3pm, whilst the exhibition will be open from 10.30am until 6.30pm. Seminar places can be booked by e-mail to [email protected] or online at

The Organisers – Fine & Country

The event is organised by Fine & Country Portugal, part of the international network of Fine & Country estate agents with head offices on Park Lane in London, and over 300 offices worldwide. The company will be showcasing properties from their seven offices in Portugal covering the Algarve and Greater Lisbon areas.

Event Partners:

Blevin Franks

Blevin Franks, the leading international wealth management and tax planning company, specialising in the expat market in Europe, will be present to speak on the Non Habitual Residence tax scheme and provide expert advice on the favourable tax regime that exists in Portugal.

Martinhal Resorts

Martinhal Resorts has an award-winning 5-star beach front resort and hotel in the western Algarve, offering attractive buy-to-let properties with guaranteed rental return, as well as projects elsewhere in the Algarve and in the Lisbon region.

Antonio Viñal Abogados

Law firm Antonio Viñal, whose international offices include Lisbon and Kuala Lumpur, will be present to speak on the “Golden Visa” residency scheme and provide legal advice on all aspects of investing in Portugal.

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Yasmin Junid

bye to those who wants to leave Malayaia

Che Noran Mohd Jelas

An opportunity not to b missed for those who prefer smog to the haze…

Matang Fikir

Many m’sians who had moved out before for good due to political reasons implored like beggars to return to msia…despite their regret for abandoning n villifying the ctry..their requests were turned down…

Timothy Toh Wei Min

I wanna move to Australia anyone has any contact here?

Eric Yap

Yes … to a country where no racists be condoned for all racial remarks they can simply made against their own fellow country men… move to a country where government will punish extremists who call their brethren who born in the same country as they were, “pendatang”.

Abbasiah Abbas

…..and breath fresh air and see blue skies…..

Salmah Yunus

Abbasiah Abbas your opportunity to eat fresh veggies

Lina Sulaiman

Yeah..i wish i can afford to leave Malaysia….

Pamela Wathi Johl

Interesting! I don’t mind moving even in this ripe old age.

Jaspal Singh

Jasbir Kaur Taihal Singh

Francis Danker

Sounds good for the young ones, for the rest of us Bolehland our final resting place.

Mahesh Kumar Anand

I have been contemplating to moving meditranean after achieving my goal with new business. This is very timely

Mahesh Kumar Anand

Or rather make money faster….. Elmarié Potgieter

Staffan O Kahn

Knwing both countries, yes, Portugal gives lots not only different livings, contact for estate agent locally, welcome

Cindy Gan

Peter Francis Fernandez

Sara Sukor

But such a nice place!!!

Cindy Gan

Haha anywhere but here la :p

Cindy Gan

Ok. 2 or 3? Might as well since my money printing business is doing so well

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