President Barack Obama to Visit Malaysia Next Month

Photo credit: US Department of State / Foter / CC BY-NC

President Barack Obama is set to pay another visit to Malaysia in November this year. According to the White House, Obama will first travel to Turkey for a G20 summit, and then make stops in the Philippines and Malaysia for meetings.

The G20 summit will see leaders from the world’s major economies give final approval to a new plan to crack down on tax evasion by multinational corporations that costs countries at least US$100 billion a year.

He will be in the Philippines for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit and then head to Malaysia for the US-ASEAN and East Asia summits.

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Gret Kaur

Obama wants the TPPA signed.

AL Khair

2.6 bilion

Je M Appelle William

Golfing section with our president to negotiate between petroleum and 1mdb solution? You give me petroleum in cheap, I help you cover USA scandal and ask FBI stay quiet? Fair deal, or your buy weapons from USA.??joke

Azamat Baymetov

I think he miss teh tarih and nasi lemak , that’s why coming ??? lol

Andy Wan

Big surprise after Obama visit malaysia just accept what najib have done to ours country ..

Edmund Patrick

Hope Obama brings his Bomama!!!!

Eugene Kl

Pls do not come to our nation as we do not need your to tell us your BULLSHIT.

Nuluddin Lintasan

Jual malaysia ke America munkin he he he

Sukun Kaab

Internally, the comment for US is not very encouraging in local media but when najib face to face with international leaders is difference najib ni mcm talam dua muka…Obama should not listen too much to najib but listen to it people is the best to get better understanding on how this country is govern by Najib administration.

David Yeap

So…millions is going to be spent on Obama. I guess Obama is bringing along “donation” for brothely najis.

Jeyasreedharan Letchumanan

for what? Another MH will be missing soon?

Charles Joseph

He’s coming for his pay check.. Budget just approved.. The cookie jar is filled .. The Kids are gonna dip their hands in.. – TPPA ..??? and more…

Thomas K B Tan

What is the purpose? Help Anwar to release from the jail?? Or any kang tao for najib?

Nancy Seah

What’s up Obama? You are the only US President who set foot in Malaysia twice in a span of 18 months. The rest of the Presidents never set foot in Malaysia so what is it with you or you and Najib? Something very smelly is brewing……..

Kulas Jon

why?to play golf n farewell party…

Albert Lye

He will be having Roti Canai Bertelor in his next visit….

Robert Sim

Najib will have to sign the TPPA deal

Musou Kuranei

Najis is not going to listen from him. Najis will lie again.

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