Google Street View Now Allows You to Experience Mount Kinabalu – Thanks to a Group of Mountain Guides

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This post was written by Anna Lee and was originally published by Vulcan Post.


Wanderlust is a common feeling not only for the millennials but for everyone in general, because there is always a sense of curiosity on how the grass is on the other side. While traveling is a great, not all are mobile or well enough to commute long distances to their dream spot.

Besides that, a certain level of fitness is required in order to perform more physical activities, such as skydiving in Philadelphia, diving in Costa Rica or scaling our very own Mount Kinabalu. As such, it is easy to miss out on these picturesque views, and out-of-this-world experiences.


Photo credit: Google Maps

In Malaysia, we are blessed to have an abundance of spell-binding views, including the one you will experience on the highest mountain in our country—Mount Kinabalu. It is a beautiful place but not many are able to get a chance to hike all the way to the top. Due to this, we can only rely on photographs to satisfy our curiosity.

To capture moments on the summit of a mountain is certainly no simple task. In order to get a street view location of a place, one must utilize a Google Street trekker and the device itself weighs close to 20kg! That is why Google Street View imagery is usually created by mounting the street view equipment on a vehicle, typically the roof of a car.


Inside of buildings, the data recording device are placed on trolleys; and in Venice, the canals are photographed from boats. In efforts to capture the beautiful imagery of Mount Kinabalu on Google Street View, the device was strapped onto a mountain guide—imagine lugging the equipment on one’s back!


Malim Gunungs, otherwise known as mountain guides, are considered expert hikers and they are also the ones responsible for snapping Google Street View shots of Mount Kinabalu.

This picture of a Malim Gunung carrying the Google Street View data recorder recently went viral on social media.


Photo credit: SABAH, Malaysia Borneo Facebook page

Over 1000 people “liked” the photograph of a Malim Gunung carrying a Google Street trekker on his back, with a huge smile plastered on his face. The picture also received more than 300 shares and has plenty of comments praising the Malim Gunung’s efforts.

Facebook user Rena Joan added her comment to the post stating: “Cool! Finally I can ‘climb’ the mountain with my 2 year-old son! TQ.”


Photo credit: Google Maps

Street View Operation Lead for Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Nhazlisham Hamdan said, “We want to showcase the beauty of our own country and attract more visitors to visit and enjoy Malaysia,” adding that Street View now covered 80 per cent of East Malaysia and 90 per cent of Peninsular Malaysia.

Do you want to scale to the highest point of Malaysia? You can do so now without any hard work thanks to Google Street View here.


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