ISKL Hosts the 2nd Annual iPad Conference for Educators

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ISKL Hosts the 2nd Annual iPad Conference for Educators

On September 19 and 20, ISKL hosted the 2nd Annual iPad Conference on the ISKL Melawati campus. Over 200 educators from throughout Asia and the Middle East attended this conference, as well as the 19 ISKL educators who attended, many of whom also presented. There was an amazing response to requests for presenters and an excellent range of conference offerings from Apple Distinguished Educators and experienced Technology Facilitators and Teachers. One of the highlights of the conference was a group of ISKL students who presented enthusiastically and confidently to the participants throughout the weekend. The conference gave participants skills to integrate iPads into learning programs; become fluent in and teach several iPad applications; engage young students in meaningful learning using the iPad; and manage iPad imaging and handling.

The keynote speaker was John Burns, Director of Creativity and Innovation at International School Services, who spoke on innovation in our schools. His focus is on scaling innovation in teaching and learning. He previously worked for Apple where he led schools and jurisdictions through transformational learning. Robyn Treyvaud, an internationally recognized expert in online safety and digital citizenship, as well as founder of Cyber Safe Kids, also was a second keynote speaker and Cyber Safety Parent Workshop for ISKL families prior to the iPad Conference.

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Source: The Expat magazine November 2015

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