Make the most of your 2016 annual leave with this clever infographic

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The Malaysian government released an official list of public holidays a few months back for the year 2016. In total, there are 14 public holidays this year that will be observed by all states and territories in the country. Following that announcement, Maxis shared their handy little Annual Leave Optimiser info-graphic:

maxis annual leave optimiser

Now that the year has begun, it’s time to get out your calendars and start planning your holidays. The image above has laid out the best days to apply for annual leave to so that you can have as much down-time as possible.

The first long weekend we can all look forward to is Thaipusam which falls on Sunday, 24th January. That means Monday is a holiday too! But if that’s too soon for you, don’t worry. As is pointed out in the infographic, Chinese New Year will be a great time to apply for some annual leave. You can get a whopping nine days off!

Another great time to apply for annual leave for a long getaway would be around Hari Raya Aidilfitri in July as well as Hari Raya Haji and Malaysia Day in September.

So go on, take a look and start planning!

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Noreena Khalid

Fara Sunita…..ini belum masuk cuti ganti

Victor Vj

Christmas is on Sunday not on monday as listed.. so the list is not correct

Expat Go Malaysia

Eek, thanks for pointing this out Victor Vj

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