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5 ways to save money with the new KLIA Ekspres fares

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This post is brought to you in part by KLIA Ekspres.

For more than a decade, KLIA Ekspres has been taking air travellers and commuters to their destination safely, comfortably and on time. The service remains the fastest and most reliable way to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to KL Sentral, with the journey taking just under half an hour. However, the success of KLIA Ekspres is not simply due to it being the most rapid airport transfer in Malaysia.

The state-of-the-art trains are immaculately clean, quiet, have ample storage space and are equipped with complimentary 4G WiFi. KLIA Ekspres also offers an easy-to-use online ticketing and Trip Planner to help passengers get to where they need to go without fuss. Positive TripAdvisor reviews continue to laud KLIA Ekspres as a convenient and smooth means of travelling to Kuala Lumpur’s major hubs. It was also named AirRail Link of the Year at the 2012, 2014, and 2015 Global AirRail Awards.

There are even more reasons to choose KLIA Ekspres on the horizon. Despite the revision of the standard fares, as of 1st January 2016, a variety of special offers will allow you to continue using the KLIA Ekspres while making significant savings.

1. Buy a Return Ticket and save RM10

Although the Single Trip Ticket has increased to RM55, the cost for a Return Ticket is only RM100. The trains depart every 15 minutes during peak hours, so you can beat the rush hour traffic and save on both the time and money you might otherwise spend on a taxi fare.

2. Save 10% when you buy online, via the mobile app or at the Self-Service Kiosk (SSK)

KLIA Ekspres is committed to helping people reach their destinations as quickly and easily as possible. Travellers have the option of buying tickets for both themselves and their family effortlessly via the website or with the user friendly app.  Passengers also have the option of using self-service kiosks (SSKs) at the stations to avoid waiting in line at the ticket counter.

For additional convenience, those who purchase their tickets online, through the mobile app or at the SSKs will save an extra 10% off the overall fare. For example, as of the 1st of January this year, an Adult Single Trip Ticket between KL Sentral and KLIA/KLIA2 will cost just RM 49.50 when you pay via the above methods. What’s more, a Return Ticket will be RM90 overall, meaning just RM45 each way.

3. Save 20% with MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards

In addition to the discount you get when you buy online or via the mobile app or at the self-service kiosks, you can save even more on the ticket price by using your MasterCard Credit or Debit card.

If you use your MasterCard, you can buy a Return Ticket for just RM80, and a Single Trip Ticket to your destination would cost only RM44.

4. 20% cashback for purchase with any AmBank, AmBank Islamic or MBF credit card

KLIA Ekspres works with partners such as the banks to offer great deals to the public. For example, there is a 20% cash back offer for passengers who use AmBank, Ambank Islamic, or MBF credit cards when buying tickets at the counter, online, or at the kiosk.

5. Save 10% when using Touch ‘n Go Card at the Gates

Using a Touch ‘n Go card is an ideal way to get to your destination in the quickest time possible. When you use your Touch ‘n Go card for the KLIA Ekspres, you can take 10% off the ticket price. That means a Single Trip Ticket between KL Sentral and KLIA/KLIA2 will only cost you RM49.50 rather than the RM55 you would have to pay otherwise.

So, get smart and make full use of the various offers available to enjoy savings with KLIA Ekspres. These offers are valid from 1st January 2016 until further notice. KLIA Ekspres will be coming out with more smart saving options for its passengers to continue enjoying the fastest airport transfer in the country. Look out for more promotional deals at

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Sunit Shrestha

Agree with Alex he say out his opinion it’s not wrong..mby that time he experiences dirty seat. Btw Do u know at erl klia transit bts everytime lift Rosak, escalator Rosak. every day I use train as transportation for work to klia 1. I’m a girl n expect me to carry my luggage up and down? When things like that spoil dey should fix it immediately do not leave it for more than 2 weeks most of the crew complain also nobody cares. I Pity mostly to the old uncle unty carry heavy luggage immagine that’s ur parents how u feel? someore now so expensive. Fix it one day next day bck the same Rosak. Then xambil kisah? So u tell me. How? If alwys like this i rather use bus. At least the lift n escalator at tbs area r working.

Joseph Roosevelt Pereira

Whatabout Senior Citizens. ..any discount fare.

Toria Ana Tomás

Andrew McGrath Karen Thomas

Eric Liew

UberX is RM75 flat rate to KL. Cheaper if you have 2 or more people.

Craig J Selby

It only costs rm59 one way to Butterworth … Not exactly value parity. Whilst the service may be good (and yes, there are still issues with it that need addressing), we do have to ask whether such a price increase is justifiable. Ultimately, its up to us as customers decide – there are alternatives and we should use these if we feel they are more appropriate. Ultimately, we pay for the convenience, but the alternatives are not all that inconvenient!

Adinda Datu

This is by far the most stupid decision they could ever made.

Alisa Gouraud

For a short trip, 2-4 days, it’s now cheaper for me to drive and pay the parking.

Serena Vee

Ashok Garuda Kumar Eviana Garston

Alexander Yap

Maybe you have no trouble but others do have Can’t We as consumers made some comments and improved on it ??? Instead of Labelling others as haters etc,…why can’t my comments be deemed as a service to be looked into ???? Now with the prices going up so high is it wrong for me to point out some areas for improvements.? How long does Malaysia MAS and the whole 3 rd world country mentality going to be in denial….
In the name of God my comments were true ( from my own experiences using the trains) and I have no agenda what so ever…I guess Msia just can’t take criticism ????? Huh ??

Dahlia Mariam Yusoff

I’m not a hater but a New Zealander that loves Malaysia and again I had no trouble using the train #AlexanderYap

Xen GK

I have just took the train this week, they are squeaky clean.

Alexander Yap

Dahlia Mariam Yusoff not really a hater…but from my experience using it…I find it full of stains …and passengers will put their shoes feet up….on the seats…..I ain’t no do hating yo..!! I lived in love and peace…from my personal experiences !!! That’s all….maybe you are a hater ???

Dahlia Mariam Yusoff

So have I used it. It’s clean and not torn. Haters gotta hate, ain’t that right #AlexanderYap?

Peter Lisney

Uber/cab offers door to airport; less hassle than getting luggage down to KL Sentral. Great for visitors staying at KL Sentral hotel.

Michael Acosta

Almost doubled in price?? That’s nuts! Uber all the way I say!!

Arumugam Kolandaveloo

Taxi only Rm 60 for 4 persons…..

Fred Weirowski

clear message the discounts show that the price politic failed already it brings ppl back to taxi — i took the bus 11 myr

Zaini Jai

Just boycott…we have options.Let them run at loss

Thayub Hashim

The best way to save money is taking the bus to KLIA, just 10 bucks and can sightsee all the way until you hit the highway.!

Kadir Othman

Any information on this? Schedule and bus station?

Kartika Tjitradi

Penting bgt nih .. Beli PP aja mulai skrg kalo gitu. Thanks Beby Aulia

Ng Cheong Keat

If you are not in hurry, just take the KLIA transit and alight at Putrajaya or Salak Tinggi station, buy another ticket from there to KLIA / KLIA2, the total fare should be about RM23 (RM32 cheaper than a direct journey). But your trade off is another 30min to wait for next train.

Xián Scott

Mayb won’t feel the pain for the foreigner….but we feel it

Expat Go Malaysia

I used it quite recently and it was fine Alexander!

Lilian Tan

The 20% by MasterCard will be over by 1 Feb 2016 … Don’t know about the visa !

Shaun Amir

If you ask minister they tell you best solution walk to KLIA. :p

Mohan Albert

Now it’s for tourist. For locals who know how to use bus or uber/grabcar, use them. Its almost convenient too.

Huikeng Koh

Avoid using this train.

Alexander Yap

The seats are so dirty torn …omg,,,

Nicole Phuah

Take bus rm11 one way better….

Christophe Derdeyn

They seriously increased price from RM 35 to RM 55 one way? Pfew – One more reason not to take the KLIA Ekspress… Now an Uber is already interesting as from 2 ppl where in the past it was 3…

Caleb Mikhail Lubin

Yea true .. They increased the price like this month bro.. Why not take bus? Is just RM 10/person/trip

Janice Chuan

Honestly speaking, I would split the fare to get Uber X or even Uber than paying more than 50% hike

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