David Bowie’s legacy lives on: the Malaysian spider named after him

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Heteropoda davidbowie
Heteropoda davidbowie

David Bowie’s contribution to the world is not over yet; not only are we sure to see a few posthumous albums but there is a rare spider, native to parts of Malaysia, which was named after the late musician.

The spider, yellow in colour, is officially called Heteropoda davidbowie after it was discovered by German arachnologist Peter Jager in 2009, as per the original story in UK newspaper The Telegraph.

Jager said he named the spider after Bowie in order to draw attention to these creatures – human activity damages their habitats and threatens their extinction. He told British newspaper The Observer: “We are also quickly losing genetic resources that have evolved over more than 300 million years.”

Bowie’s name was selected for the new discovery because of the title of his 1972 album ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars‘. The rock star, famous for hits ‘Let’s Dance‘ and ‘Space Oddity‘ among many others, died on Monday after losing his battle with cancer.

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