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PM Najib found not guilty of corruption by commission

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Malaysia PM Razak's office in Putrajaya
Malaysia PM Najib Razak’s office in Putrajaya

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been cleared of corruption over the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to his personal bank accounts over the last few years, it has been reported.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have been told to close the investigation papers related to the case.

In early 2013, RM2.92bn (US$681 million) was transferred to Najib, allegedly as a gift from the Saudi Arabian royal family, according to Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali, quoting findings from the anti-graft agency’s investigations.

Najib gave RM2.66bn (US$620 million) of that sum back, in August that year, because it had not been spent.

Apandi concluded: “Based on the facts and evidence as a whole, I as the public prosecutor, am satisfied that no criminal offence has been committed. Today, I am here to clear the prime minister.”

Najib has always claimed  that the money was for the party, to be used in their then-upcoming political campaign for the 2013 general election. He denied taking money for personal gain.

Here’s more on the story, from Bloomberg:

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Kok Wei Lim

Hurray! I suddenly got inspired of the way to be billionaire in bolehland!

Eric Stachowski

Government official, not corrupt? How?

Anthony Houldsworth

You might think that but as a guest in this country, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Chuck W Pearson

the corrupt clearing the corrupt??

Tuti Ali

Did we expect any other outcome?

Pierce Tk Wong

caption is wrong. should be by “AG”

Nelson Chiew


S-y Tan

Lots can be done.

Fadrul Hisham

You waited for the verdict and then came out with your own verdict that he is ‘guilty’? Go ahead then

Shivani Desai

With a corrupted commission, what else to expect.

Jason Demers

Swiss still has their charges pending. International courts could easily freeze his assets.

John Preston

It doesn’t matter what we think… People belive what the want.

John Preston

There is documents that prove he paid back over 2 billion to the source

Mac Snoopee Ong

We got a daft prick as a Pm.. God save us.

Charles Joseph

When you have a THief and murderer in Power – Prime Minister… Finance Minister and Crime Minister.. What do you expect ..?? Looting the Nations coffers is the norm… The People Suffer…

Chin Tan

Because he is the Prime minister and he is license toooooo.

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