Water disruption around KL and Hulu Langat: 28th – 29th January

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Kuala Lumpur as seen from Hulu Langat
Kuala Lumpur as seen from Hulu Langat

A scheduled water disruption has started in 88 areas in KL and 163 areas in Hulu Langat. The disruption was announced yesterday on the Syabas website, stating that it was due to the maintenance works that are being carried out at the Sungai Langat water treatment plant.

The disruption started at 9am today and is expected to last until 2am tomorrow, 29th January.

Below is a list of all the after areas in Kuala Lumpur. For a full list of all the areas affected, please visit the Syabas website or the PUSPEL Facebook page.


Kuala Lumpur
1 Tmn Cheras Utama 44 Angsana Hilir
2 Tmn Pandan Perdana 45 Tmn Desa Aman
3 Kg Cheras Baru 46 Tmn Rajawali
4 Tmn Muda 47 Jln Bkt Kuari A
5 Tmn Mestika 48 Sebahagian Kg Cheras Baru
6 Tmn Teratai 49 Tmn Cheras Makmur
7 Tmn Saga 50 Tmn Ikan Tenaga
8 Tmn Melur 51 Tmn Ikan Emas
9 Tmn Seraya 52 Tmn Bkt Ria
10 Tmn Mega Jaya 53 Tmn Pertama
11 Tmn Bkt Permai 54 Tmn Bkt Pandan
12 Tmn Kencana 55 Tmn Maluri
13 Tmn Pandan Indah 56 Jln Salak Selatan
14 Tmn Pandan Komersial 57 Kg Sg Kerayong
15 Tmn Maju Jaya 58 Pandan Pertama
16 Tmn Cheras Indah 59 Tmn Ampang Putra
17 Tmn Mawar 60 Kg Pandan Luar
18 Tmn Putra 61 Kg Pandan Dalam
19 Tmn Pandan Mewah 62 Jln Cheras
20 Tmn Lembah Maju 63 Tmn Koperasi Polis
21 Tmn Alam Jaya 64 Tmn Desa Baiduri
22 Tmn Emas Cheras 65 Bdr Damai Perdana
23 Tmn Mudun 66 Tmn Damai Perdana
24 Tmn Sunway Cheras 67 Tmn Desa Cahaya
25 Tmn Wangsa Cheras 68 Tmn Sri Bahagia
26 Tmn Cheras Permata 69 Tmn Bukit Anggerik
27 Tmn Cheras Awana 70 Tmn SPPK Bkt Cheras
28 Segar Perdana 71 Tmn Orkid Desa
29 Tmn Masria 73 Tmn Segar
30 Tmn Cuepacs 74 Tmn Billion
31 Tmn Fern Grove 75 Tmn Supreme
32 Kem PGA 76 Tmn Cheras
33 Kem Fru 77 Cheras Hartamas
34 Tmn Connaught 78 Tmn Bkt Segar Jaya
35 Bdr Tun Razak 79 Bdr Baru Segar Utama
36 Desa Tun Razak 80 Tmn Damai Indah
37 Tmn Jaya 81 Tmn Minang Ria
38 Tmn Mulia 82 Tmn Bkt Angsana
39 Tmn Taynton View 83 Tmn Suria Jaya
40 Jln Cheras Bt 7 84 Tmn Len Seng
41 Tmn Midah 85 Tmn Desa Cheras
42 Tmn Cantik 86 Tmn Mutiara Barat
43 Pandan Prima 87 Tmn Mutiara Timur
88 Alam Damai

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David Taylor

What in the form of rain ?? It has been lashing down all the way from KL to JB!!

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