SPRINT Highway to go completely cashless starting 2nd March 2016

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Cash users of the SPRINT Highway will need to get themselves a Touch ‘n Go or PLUSMILES payment card this week, as the cash lanes will be replaced by automatic toll booths. The new electronic toll collection system is set to be implemented at 12pm on 2nd March 2016.

All road users will only be able to pay concessions using their Touch ‘n Go or PLUSMILES card. The shift to a cashless system will hopefully see a smoother procession at the toll plaza that’s usually jam-packed with vehicles forming long queues at the cash lanes.

In early January this year, 10 toll plazas on four highways around the Klang Valley made the shift to a fully electronic system. The Association of Highway Concessionaires Malaysia (PSKLM) hopes to gradually shift all tolls to this system.

So if you drive a lot, be sure to keep your Touch ‘n Go or PLUSMILES card topped up. And if you don’t have a card, go get one as soon as possible! Otherwise you might be stuck at a toll booth and probably cause a massive traffic jam.

If you want an even smoother journey, you should get a SmartTAG. The device is an automatic payment system which allows you to drive through a toll booth and make your payment without stopping the car. The device is scanned at the booth and the appropriate amount is deducted from your card that is attached to the SmartTAG. For more information, touchngo.com.my.

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Zoe Dean

Jean August Muhammad Fariz Mohd Mohsi Muhammad Adhwa Chan Lai Eng

Fabricio Moreira Santos

Take a look PollyGuto Trombini Frueh

Su Teh

I think you can top up in Shell stations, as well Petronas stations

Su Teh

Yea…I topped up my existing TnG card & purchased another TnG as a backup (juz in case) with top up value. The TnG cards have expiry dates…
And I also changed the battery for the smart tag..all done in Jan 16… ;D

Madyalagan Palani

Less human workers .. More Malaysian going jobless

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