The growing popularity of (the girl’s name) Malaysia in the USA

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In 2014, 810 baby girls were named ‘Malaysia’ in the USA.

This is up from 630 in 2013, and this increase is part of a steady upward trend that started over 15 years ago. Here’s an insight into the growing number of ‘Malaysias’ in the USA, as compared to the population in general on a different scale (using software by

And here’s a data table for those who prefer their info in numerical format:

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Adly Abdullah

There was even a famous porn star named Malaysia (don’t ask me how I know :P)

OneJohn Smith

Doubt it don’t forget they have world series baseball——all us teams

OneJohn Smith

Don’t get too excited most people there would not kmw where Malaysia is

Marwana Suleiman

Think they would after #MH370

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