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This stall in Kedah is reinventing the way laksa is enjoyed

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Mee sedut stall
Photos from Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Di Kedah

Almost every state in Malaysia has its own version of laksa. There’s assam laksa in Penang, laksam in Kelantan, thick laksa Johor in the south, the increasingly popular laksa Sarawak with its special paste, and now, mee sedut in Kedah. Perhaps this latest laksa is the most intriguing of all.

This stall in Kupang is serving up laksa – complete with broth, noodles, egg and all the trimmings – in a plastic cup with a big straw. Mee sedut, as it is appropriately termed (sedut translates to suck or slurp), is a new way for laksa enthusiasts to enjoy this popular Malaysian dish.

This stall also serves curry mee in the same way and customers can upsize their order if they’re feeling particularly hungry – or should that be thirsty?

Facebook page Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan di Kedah shared a post about this stall and it drew a lot of attention, especially people reminiscing about how this brings back school-time memories of slurping soup. And here’s the clincher: each cup of mee sedut is only RM2.50! In a time when a bowl of noodles in KL can cost upwards of RM7, this little northern gem is serving up nostalgia at minimal cost.

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Shuana Abdul Wahip

Try shoving sudden rush of hot sour and spicy gravy down your throat. The reason we use spoon is to savour the taste.

Anchalee Tongmark

ลองมะเจ้ ดูดไปจะสำลักอ่ะ :p MonkeyNas Nas

Benjamin Lee

Snack noodles. Brilliant.

Mell Yap Lin Foong

Nanti tersedut keluar hidung. Ha, sejarah berulang hahhha

Prem Anand

Nurdalila Mohd Mohtar

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