12 photos that will make you believe Kapas island is as beautiful as Bali

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TEG Digital’s Editor, Simon Willmore, is convinced that Pulau Kapas is just as jaw-droppingly beautiful as the more well-known destinations of Bali in Indonesia or Boracay in the Philippines. 

kapas (1)

Found six kilometers east of Marang on mainland Malaysia is an island known as ‘paradise’. Well, to me it’s known as that. Its official name is Pulau Kapas, whose name is Malay for ‘Cotton Island’, which refers refers to the gorgeous white beaches that are supposed to resemble cotton.

I realise that claiming anywhere is as beautiful as Bali is a huge statement. But, if you don’t believe me already, these photos should help to change your mind…

kapas (2)

kapas (9)

kapas (3)

kapas (4)

kapas (10)

kapas (6)
Photo credit: Prema S Sandram / Panoramio

kapas (8)

kapas (5)
Photo credit:

kapas (11)
kapas (7)

Are you convinced? Perhaps you’ve already been to Pulau Kapas and can agree with me. If not, go now! Are there other islands around Malaysia that you think are more beautiful? Let us know in the comments below.


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Marlina Azmi

Bali doesn’t have gorgeous beaches actually.

Zaki Benamer

Iman Angelo Raafet Simran Anis

Zaki Benamer

Raafet Choukri r we off on labor day? Angelo

Angelo Bilo

Sure we talk after I win

Simran Soprano

Nah we re not! 1st is Sunday, We bck to work on Monday ?

Zára Khän

Zaid Raheemeea Zarmena J. Khan

Hazwani Omar

Nur Choki Amalina Amer Hailis Zel

Nur Choki Choki

Its not about the money, money. Its bout the price tagg jengg jengg

Amalina Amer

Sorry uols, I bru balik dari mersing. Kt sana takde coverage utk dataaaa

Nur Choki Choki

Mersing? U buat apa kt sna

Hailis Zel

Jommm..semua tmpt dok komen jom. Lol

Antonia Andison

Anastasia Platsydim this is the one

Ginny Cartee

I’m not a fan of Bali and am curious as to why it’s compared to islands of Malaysia. We’ve traveled to
many beaches worldwide and found the ones in Malaysia beautiful and serene. Will check out this island for our next holiday in June.


Let us know what you think of the island Ginny 🙂

Rie N Jie

kapas pi candat sotong… candat sotong jgn lupa bawak petai buat sambal petai.. jem terer

Alejandro Ruizdelacuesta

Of course it is, and it would continue to be so if it weren’t for this kind of blogs that prevent the place from being a well kept secret….


How did you find out about the island Alejandro?

Alejandro Ruizdelacuesta

I was living in Malaysia and noticed Kapas on the map. I looked it up on google and found a nice hotel there (not the chicken pens). We were practically the only guests (the chicken pens on the other bay were full). Once the secret gets out it will be ruined just like Perhentian. God forbid it gets ever featured in the lonely planet….!

Alejandro Ruizdelacuesta

And by the way, have you been to Kapas?


Yes I was there two years ago 🙂

Alejandro Ruizdelacuesta

Well, I guess you are not doing all the damage you could then 🙂

Dawud Revello

Really the entire SE Asia region is marvelous and so is the world. We really live on a beautiful planet. Only problem is all the pesky humans.


Your comment started so positively Dawud 😀

Dawud Revello

LoL It wouldn’t be humorous if it didn’t not contain this twist.

Francesco Zoe Marshallo

It sure is, we were in Kapas last week and loved it!


It’s gorgeous isn’t it, Francesco Zoe 🙂

Birgitte Tabor Winther

Patricia Winther det er her vi skal hen 🙂

Jamy AJ

Ain Sha Ibnu Nafis Zuraiha Aizuemi Zainal ok nex snorkeling / diving

Aymeric Iss

Clément un commentaire?

Clément Pourtal

Cette ile n’existe pas c’est un fake !


Non Clément, elle existe – c’est la verite!

Aymeric Iss

No it’s not! Don’t make advertisement for this place cause people will come there and it will no longer stay the heaven it is!

Abbasiah Abbas

Shariff Abbas….cotton island

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