25-Year-Old FRIM Canopy Walkway To Be Permanently Closed in June

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If you plan on visiting the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) sometime this year and walking amid the treetops above the forest floor, you had better do it before July. Because that’s when the famous FRIM canopy walkway is scheduled to be closed down permanently, effective 30th June 2017. The canopy walkway is the main attraction at FRIM, with many visitors stopping for the obligatory snapshot.

According to FRIM, they plan on erecting a new walkway made of aluminium – perhaps similar to the outstanding 347-m canopy walkway in Sandakan’s Rainforest Discovery Centre – that will be safer for visitors and have less negative impact on the trees and environment compared to the current cable walkway, both of which are desirable goals to aim for! The director-general of FRIM, Datuk Abd Latif Mohmod, noted that the current walkway had to be closed from time to time for maintenance and security assessment due to storms in 2015. He also said that the trees in the surrounding area have deteriorated and now need longer to regenerate and recover.

The new walkway, which is proposed to be double the length, is slated to be built within three to five years to permit sufficient time to raise the RM3.5 million required – but if we’re going by ‘Malaysian time’, it will quite possibly take much longer. While all the facts surrounding this closure are not fully known, it seems a bit more foresight and planning would have been nice. Perhaps the fundraising and budgeting for the replacement walkway (and even its construction) could have been initiated several years ago, instead of waiting until the existing walkway is set to be closed to do so.

Though a newer and better canopy walkway will be an asset to FRIM and its visitors, we will nevertheless be sad to say goodbye to this one, weathered and full of character after 25 years of outdoor service, and FRIM will admittedly be a bit less appealing without its star attraction for the next several years.

If you don’t want to wait three to five years (or more) for the new and improved aluminium walkway, you should schedule a trip to FRIM before 30th June 2017. The canopy walkway is usually open from 9:30am to 2:30pm, with the last batch of visitors permitted to enter at 1:30pm. The walkway is closed on Fridays, and you should check FRIM’s website for unscheduled closures before setting out, as these are not uncommon.

Readers, have you enjoyed FRIM’s canopy walkway in the past? Will you make a final visit before its closure? Let us know in the comments below!

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SHui Lim

What the hell. Do not support green nature

Zahra Fadzil

Selina Niepold Mona Niepold

Selina Niepold

Oh noo… I still haven’t been there 😱

Zahra Fadzil

Go there this time around!

Della Azri

Nur Zainida Zainy Anis Azri Atiqah Azri

Lyka Andrace Pangilinan Tugano

Buti nlng pumunta tayo dito Mary Joy, Dan Mark, Jeck at Butch bago iclose

Dan Mark de Guzman

di ata tayo nakapunta sa canopy walkway. haha

Lyka Andrace Pangilinan Tugano

yan lng namiss ntin. pero buong FRIM close dba

Seagaran Valaiyabathi

Sindhuja RamachandraJuhin Narasimalu

Angsumalin Su

Benjamin Li Wawa Kanganapokin Beir Nattawut Boonsong

Wawa Kanganapokin


Angsumalin Su


Benjamin Li

ไม่ต้องพร้อมๆกันหรอก เเค่อีอังคนเดียวก็ขาด!

Angsumalin Su

แหม่ คิด วิเคราะห็ แยกแยะ ค่ะ ไม่อยากใช้คำย่อ ควย เข้าออกแบบมาเพื่อมนุษย์เดินจำนวนเยอะๆ อมนุษย์อย่างเบนนี่ เดินไม่ได้หรอกค่ะ คลานเข่า เท่านั้น

Safinah Rashid

Nurul Shafiqa Nabilah Zazali Raihanah Shukri Intan Liyana

Ismail Karim

Pei Ning Lee Ashli Halim Xin Yi Chong jom

Ashli Halim

Oh wait I’ve already been there. And got a leech stuck to my leg

Pei Ning Lee

I got sucked too. It became a mole

Ashli Halim

Also why are you on an expat page

Maria Jensen

Lasse Snogdal Sarah Jensen den skal vi ind og se

Anni Kujanpää

Miika Kujanpää ! ehditään vielä käydä jos halutaan 🙂

Daniel Yusof

This place should be closed to the public long ago. Irresponsible visitors, leaving trash and plucking vegetation as they like. Some of them just don’t deserve the nature.

Syaufiq Latif

Sbb ko la ni Daniel Yusof

Justine Thompson

Corey Suckling we have to go asap!!!

Sisi Davison

Alexander Fürst now or never

Anushree Salena

Sad… nice place going to be shut down…


FRIM will still be open, though. It’s just the canopy walk that will be shut down until they build a new one 🙂


Sebab canopy walk itu sudah lama. FRIM hendak bina canopy walk yang baru.

Krystle Thompson

William Ben Philip Lynette D’cruz

Maxime Simoncini

Amélie Coignard faut qu’on booke

YLeng Wong

sat ? ask Christine Kok
i duno route

PaviTra Anuradha

Malani Leo you should try wei

Malani Leo

dude are you kidding do you still remember my face during our first cable car ride…….no way to this

PaviTra Anuradha

Malani Leo haha marakamudiyuma

Kumaran Suppaya

Sad had good memories here….

Susan Ng Poh Foong

Wei Wei Kok Yuan Loo Judy Ng Vincent Liao Natalie Liao…let’s visit before it closes

Vinnosha Sugumaran

Let’s go before tutup! Junn-Harn Wong

Junn-Harn Wong

Omg joms! Never knew they were gonna close!

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