KL Residents Can Now Make Non-Crime-Related Police Reports Online

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The Royal Malaysia Police (Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM) has announced that KL residents can now lodge police reports online, without going to a police station, for non-criminal incidents, at

Anyone over 18 years old can now report missing and lost identity cards including passports, driving licenses, bank and credit cards and MyKads, as well missing mobile phones and laptops and even runaway maids. The website is available in both Malay and English.

PDRM  piloted the project at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) station in March and has now extended the service to 24 stations around Greater KL.

To make a report, users are requested by the site to enter the identity details of the complainant, which will be authenticated by the National Registration Department, and the details of the incident, including time and location and explanation of what happened.

Once a user has logged all the details of the event onto the e-reporting site, they will receive a unique police report confirmation number from the Royal Malaysia Police. They can print a copy of the report and Certificate 90A and bring them to, for example, insurance companies if they need.

To track the progress of the report and any investigation into the incident, users can register as a user on the Sistem Semakan Online (SSO) at

Speaking after the launch of the system, Kuala Lumpur chief of police Datuk Amar Singh Ishar Singh, said:

“The effort towards modern policing is in response to the country’s agenda and its national transformation movement which aimed at enabling the police as a leader in maintaining the peace and security of the nation.”

Datuk Amar Singh Ishar Singh / Credit: Klfm-Rentak Interaktif Kota, Facebook

According to Datuk Amar Singh Ishar Singh,  90% of police reports that are lodged with Kuala Lumpur’s police stations are not related to criminal activity, and so the event is not investigated. For example, as of April 2017, in this year alone 168,274 reports were made, but 150,762 have not been investigated because they did not involve any crime.


Ultimately, this system was launched in hopes of reducing the burden of the public and the workload of police officers. Only time will tell if this e-Reporting system actually works. If it does, the PDRM is looking to roll it out nationwide and eventually even allow for more types of reports to be made online.

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Anthony Houldsworth

Why do the Police entertain reports that have nothing to do with crime in the first place? If 90% have nothing to do with crime and are not investigated then what is the point? What a massive waste of resources.


Most of those reports are related to missing items. People need the report to help with insurance claims or in the case of missing identification, they need it when they make a new one.

But you’re right, though. It does seem like there should be a more efficient system in place.

Ray Davies

Does it have a checkbox for kopi money? How pay bribe? Online?

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