Roadside Hawker Stalls to be Banned in KL by 2020

Are you a fan of rojak and cendol sold by roadside hawker stalls? Do you always buy mixed rice for lunch from the makeshift stalls outside your office building? If yes, then you won’t be able to do so much longer. According to Berita Harian, the Malaysian government wants to get rid of all food stalls along roadsides in Kuala Lumpur by 2020.

The Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor reveals that the all hawkers will be moved to another location or will need to operate from food trucks. In addition to that, the ministry will also ensure that all traders cook elsewhere before selling them at the premises provided.

“At this point of time, there are thousands of roadside hawkers within the Federal Territory and this new proposal will also affect hawkers selling banana fritters or nasi lemak. We will upgrade these street hawkers to a different system aside from providing a dedicated business premise for them,” said Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan.

In order to help the traders, the government will provide assistance to ensure smooth transition, including allocating RM10, 000 worth of grant for the traders provided by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

For many years, these hawker stalls have been causing horrible traffic jams as people tend to park along the road to make their ‘quick’ purchase. Besides that, the cleanliness and hygiene of the food are also highly questionable. Therefore, moving these sellers to a proper retail space can potentially reduce traffic congestion and decrease health risks.

Although most vendors will be reluctant to this change as it can affect their business, moving to a proper premise should be done for the benefit of public. However, these newly allocated spaces should be easy to access with ample of parking spots available as Malaysians constantly look for convenience. So if they find it difficult to get to the stalls, they will most likely not buy the food and this will impact the vendors.

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Wendy Rodrigues

Moving these food stalls into food courts where licences will only be issued to certain parties & people – opening up another can of worms & source of “income” to the party/parties that are in charge of approvals.

Azman Jenggo

Dh nk jd negara dunia pertama. Xde lg gerai2 yg rosakn pemsndangan. Org semekin akn d sapu bwh karpet demi meyakinkn bhw Msia telah maju & taraf dunia pertama. Kesian rakyat semekin

Christopher Ignatius

The ban only in KL… Klang still got,

Dave Chandran

Good idea as they are so disorderly , blocking pathways and symbol of third world . Time to clean up following similar act of dbkl cleaning up chow kit and bukit bintang areas years ago

Azman Jenggo

Like sanitised west? Pls no. We don’t tread that path

Dave Chandran

Azman Jenggo I prefer the bukit bintang area now than the one we’re in the past .

Neil Oakes

I guess most people commenting about “the charm” of street stalls don’t have one near them don’t have to deal with illegal parking making roads dangerous and don’t deal with the mosquitos and vermin that the stall attracts?

Pete Leeder

What! They were great! So much for being a “gastro”

Tom Stals

Geraldine Stals van Moerkerk dan kom ik niet meer op vakantie!

Tom Stals

Ik hoor dat het in China wel nog mag

Joni Kerr

Those stands are part of the Malay culture! They cannot ban them!!!

Christopher Chai

Why complain ..Keep voting on the empty promises .

Azman Kazirinkato

Not to Malaysian, but to immigrants

PeiYee Soo

Stupid that is our lifestyle… That make Malaysia unique.

Lisa Ingram

“The Federal Territories…Ministry will also ensure that all traders cook elsewhere before selling them at the premises provided.”
So the food will be sitting around for hours in the open air, being kept warm and growing impressive crops of bacteria, then being served tepid? Yeah, sounds much more hygienic than getting it freshly made and piping hot. Not!

Christopher Barry

Your’e right. Also with a street stall you can see the person cooking your food. You can make a judgement wether to eat there or not. With a restaurant you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors.

Lisa Ingram

Noooo. Don’t do that! It’s part of what makes KL a special place to live and travel to. The ability to sit and watch the world go by on a real street corner, while enjoying tasty local food, attracts tourists and all the revenues they bring. Who wants to eat in a soulless foodcourt? You could be anywhere and if this happens the tourists probably will be anywhere, ELSE.

Kadir Othman

I am all for more presentable and clean hawker stands but govt should not force hawkers to purchase from a particular food truck supplier or manufacturer. There should also be no fees to get approval for the stands!

Hor Sher Li

Will it be like Sg where the food is in hawker centers ?

Lim Say Wei

Nanti tukar lagi laa… tak akan jadi punya la..

ImHarry Robinvale

Banyak kan eating house yg bersepadu seperti di singapura..skrg ne..bnyk tanah di kl di dirikan kondo dan shopping mall

Rob Kaplan

How about providing for all your citizens instead of pretending you’re so “advanced” that street food is too good for your nation?

Kenny Chong

Hopefully before then we get rid of dirty politics bn

Shaun Khee

OK. Friday noon illegal parkers?

Tom Baker

That should ruin the old style amazing culture of Kl

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