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3 Things You Should Know About Storage in Malaysia

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This article is brought to you by Storage Bloc.

Several of us, especially those with families, find ourselves overwhelmed from time to time with all the stuff that builds up in our homes over the years. Some may say, just toss them out, don’t be a hoarder! But what about those that have sentimental value, precious heirlooms, or things that need temporary storage?

In Malaysia, we often have storage woes because houses don’t typically come with a basement, attic, or even a garage. Many of us in the city live in condos, so there’s even less storage space! If you don’t want your house to be cluttered, having the space to keep extra stuff can be a real problem, unless you live a truly minimalist lifestyle.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a solution to your storage problems:

1. Convenience

It can be such a hassle to find a way to keep your things in storage. If you don’t own a car, it’s even harder. So what if we told you there’s a storage service that does both pick up and delivery for items you need to store, at an affordable and flexible rate? Storage facilities have always been around, but you’ll still have to pack up your things, hire a lorry, get people to help you carry the stuff, and so forth.

Storage Bloc provides a convenient storage solution for individuals, families, and companies. As a door-to-door service, they will pick your items directly from your home (anywhere in Klang Valley), and can even help with packing.

For expats, easy storage services are particularly helpful, as bringing bulky boxes and things from overseas is one of the major hassles for most expats. If you’re living in KL on a temporary basis (as most expats are), and find your home smaller than you thought it would be, don’t worry about getting rid of your things. You can store them for short-term or even long-term with no hassle involved. Plus, there’s the option to send them your things from overseas where they will keep it for you safely until you arrive and find a place to settle down.

You can also order and settle everything online, so you can say goodbye to storage inconvenience and stress!

2. Safety & Peace of Mind

After picking up your items, Storage Bloc then sends them for storage in their climate-controlled facility which has 24 hour security and limited public access. What if you needed a particular item on short notice? No worries as Storage Bloc is there for you. When a customer wants to retrieve items, they will send it back as soon as 24 hours later.

Instead of lockers and storage units, Storage Bloc has a communal, secure, and climate-controlled warehouse. By doing so, it allows them to provide the convenience of pick-up and delivery services. They are also able to organise the warehouse in a professional and systematic manner, whereby stock and inventory is managed, and things will not get lost.

If you needed to organise and fill up your own storage unit, things might get messy and you may have the problem of losing things, or find it difficult to retrieve a particular item. With Storage Bloc, you can rest easy as they manage all your items for you.

Rest assured, your things are absolutely safe as there are fire detection and alarm systems, automatic sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. Also, your items in storage are insured for minimum RM1000 per box against theft and damages during transportation.

3. Affordability & Flexibility

When choosing a storage solution, expats often run into issues such as hefty deposits, limited time frames, and space restrictions. Storage Bloc is a flexible solution as there is no minimum of maximium subscription tenure, so a customer can store their things for days, weeks, months, or even years!

Travelling foreigners can also benefit from their services as they also accept large luggage which can be stored for weeks or even months, while they travel around Asia. There’s no upfront payments or deposits either, just pay monthly from your start date.

There’s also a variety of storage types for your individual needs. Here’s the breakdown of the products Storage Bloc offers:

Signature Boxes

They send over 40 litre boxes, and customers can fill it up with anything they want. A 40 litre box  (Signature box) is RM18/month for storage. For example, the box can fit roughly 100 shirts or 20 pairs of shoes.

Bulky Items

They can store suitcases, golf clubs, bicycles, couches, refrigerators, carton boxes, and more at a per piece basis – so only pay for storage you need. Prices start from as low as RM15/month.

Space Per Sq Ft

Storage Bloc also rents out space on a per square feet basis. They will calculate how much space you need for all your items in total, and let you know the cost per square foot. Prices start at RM6.50 psf/month.

Check out this video for more on what Storage Bloc does!

For more information, please visit their website, e-mail [email protected], call +603. 77314308, Whatsapp +6019 964 4309, or visit their Facebook page.

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