All Booked Up: 5 Book Cafes for Comfy Reading

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It’s a hot day and all you might want to do is find a nice cafe to sit in and enjoy a good book (and finally stick to the new year’s resolution to read more in 2018!). But alas, most of the Starbucks and Coffee Beans are filled to the brim (pun intended!) with people getting a frappuccino to quench their thirsts. The place is too noisy to read anyway!

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, sometimes it can be hard in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to find a nice quiet corner to escape from the world a little while, and sink into the words you have in front of you. Here are some quiet nooks perfect for a table of one in Klang Valley.

1. Jing-Si Books and Cafe

Image credit: Flickr (Roger Lin)

Part of the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, the cafe focuses on creating a quiet and peaceful environment for people to unwind. Various coffees and teas are available there as well, providing a setting for intimate conversations. Unlike a mamak stall, visitors are advised to keep the volume down to accommodate those seeking an escape from the bustle of daily life. The cafes are scattered around KL and you can look for the one nearest to you here.

2. Playground Coffeery

Tucked in the neighbourhoods of Taman Melawati, Playground Coffeery takes on the concept of a Melbourne cafe, offering an array of coffees and teas to suit your need. Comfy and cosy, there is also a book corner with books from the likes of Enid Blyton to Jeffrey Archer. Oh, there’s also waffles, both savory and sweet!

3. BookXcess at Starling Mall

Image credit: Madeleine Patisserie, Cafe & Bistro

Creating a haven for bookworms, BookXcess’ newest and largest outlet in Starling Mall has its own cafe in it! No need to wait until you’re back home to crack open a new book, just take a seat at Madeleine Cafe. What better way to enjoy reading than to have a cuppa while being surrounded by books.

4. Lit Books

Image credit: Says

If you’re the kind of person that’s constantly on the look out for something different to read, then perhaps you should take a look at Lit Books’ bookshelves. Here you can find anything from collector’s editions of classics to modern reads. The place was set up by a husband and wife duo, both former journalists, who also have a website with reviews and other reads. The space also has a drinks bar, perfect to host book clubs or to have some downtime with a good book. Follow them on Facebook here.

5. Kopenhagen Coffee

Image credit: Kopenhagen Coffee

Equipped with a reading corner, meeting room, and an Instagrammable environment (not forgetting the coffee and pastries), the brightly lit Kopenhagen Cafe has the right setting for a good read. Paying homage to Denmark’s capital city, the place was opened by a Danish software entrepreneur.

There’s nothing stopping you now from indulging in your latest literary buy. So what are you waiting for?


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