Gong Xi Fa Cai: 8 CNY Ads to Get You into the Festive Mood

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The food is being prepped, houses are being cleaned and decorations are being put up in households as we speak in preparation for Chinese New Year tomorrow. The festivities, however, begin today. In fact, the eve of Chinese New Year is significant because of the reunion dinners that take place, when family members near and far come home and share a meal together.

To get you further into the Chinese New Year mood, here are some catchy advertisements. (Warning: some may cause you to bawl your eyes out).

1. Petronas

A typically touching ad by Petronas this year shows the relationship between a father and his son, especially when it comes to being a family.

2. Pepsi and  7UP

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet? Perhaps not, for being every name, there’s a meaning, as shown in this ad.

3. Digi

A reminder that family goes beyond blood ties and it’s the people you keep near.

4. Maxis

Grandma’s love knows no bounds, so would you be able to take money from your grandma?


5. Traveloka

Simplicity and creativity can go a long way when the mind travels.

Wander with Wonder – Traveloka Malaysia

This Chinese New Year, we would love for you to wander the world with someone who means the world to you. Visit www.traveloka.com now for the best hotel and flight deals across Southeast Asia.

Posted by Traveloka on 16hb Januari 2018

Okay, most of the ads were tearjerkers, but the message is pretty much the same – family is the reason for the season! Worry not, here are some lighter ads, sure to make you laugh or make you go “aww”.

6. TNB

Sibling bonds can never be broken — especially when they’re up to mischief!


Social media isn’t social after all, so get off the phone and make some memories!

8. AirAsia

Home is where the heart is and there’s no better comfort, including the enthusiasm of your furry friends.

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