Malaysia Plunges 7 Spots in Latest Corruption Index

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The perception of corruption in Malaysia hit its worst point over the last five years, based on a survey done by Transparency International (TI). The newly released Corruption Perception Index (CPI) put Malaysia at number 62 out of the 180 countries ranked, slipping seven spots from last year’s ranking.

Every year, Transparency International, a global anti-corruption coalition, releases the Corruption Perception Index. This annual survey takes into account the perceived corruption of 180 countries in the world. Taking several measures into account (see details below), each country is ranked between 0 and 100 – where 0 means a country is highly corrupt and 100 means it’s very clean. The index makes use of surveys done by business people from around the world, including experts in living and risk analysis and the general public working in the respective countries.

For 2017, Malaysia scored 47 out of 100, a score shared by Cuba. While the score itself only reflected a two-point drop – Malaysia scored a 49 in 2016’s CPI – it’s still unquestionably a move in the wrong direction, and when taken in conjunction with numerous other countries improving their own CPI scores, resulted in a significant seven-point drop in the index’s ranking.

Malaysia’s performance in both score and ranking stands in stark contrast to neighbouring Singapore, which took the CPI’s 6th-place spot with an impressive score of 84, placing it among the least corrupt countries in the world, and an improvement from its 7th-place 2016 ranking. One wonders how two neighbouring countries with so much shared heritage and history could be so dramatically different when it comes to corruption. Indeed, Singapore stands head and shoulders above virtually all its ASEAN neighbours, with a CPI score that’s nearly double that of Malaysia and exactly four times higher than ASEAN’s lowest scorer, Cambodia.

According to the press statement by Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M), President Dato’ Akhbar Satar attributed the decreased score to the issues surrounding 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion ‘donation,’ a major international scandal in which Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has been the centre of attention.

Other notable cases mentioned include the FELDA and Sabah Water scandals, on top of the political climate in the country. The most recent scandal was of the conviction of a whistleblower on the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal case, despite whistleblower protections supposedly being in place. In this case, it was determined that the government funded the corporation and those involved were acquitted and discharged, which is an example of how the public, investors, and the business community are losing faith in our system, said Akhbar.

“However, if not [for] the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission’s (MACC’s) aggressiveness in conducting investigations and making arrests to deter corruption in the country, the ranking could have been further eroded,” he added.

The CPI is based on at least three independent surveys of the perceptions in each country and Malaysia used nine sources.

Despite it not being as grim as it could have been without the MACC’s efforts, Malaysia’s plunge from 2016 to 2017 is nevertheless the country’s steepest year-to-year drop in the history of the CPI. Akhbar also noted that the organisation was told of the government’s target to reach the CPI’s 30th spot by 2020, which seems far less achievable now than it was before.

“Our downward trend puts us further from the target,” Akhbar said. “This should be our ‘wake-up call,’ but is the government listening or will this deplorable ranking be explained just like so many other warning signs?”



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Muhamet Abdullahu the country is beautiful indeed…but some politicians are to be blamed for the rampant corruption which will ruin the country. Im sure its better than most countries but can be even better!


This may or may not be true, yet Malaysia is an amazing country and far better to live in than some of so called “developed” nations. Having lived there 10 years, I know l enough….an amazing lovely country!


Surprised? Look at the morons who run that country!


DAP. They orchestrated the 1MDB coup with Dr. Mahathir, while at the same time were themselves involved with scandalous wheeling and dealing in Penang, thinking they can get away with it because no one would suspect the Opposition who claim to fight corruption to be corrupted.

PKR. Billions missing in Selangor while the State Government keeps quiet. Meanwhile, its Pandan MP has recently been sentenced to jailtime and fined for defamation violating the BAFIA Act.

PPBM. Mahathir’s party. It’s the embodiment of the corrupted segment of what used to be the core of UMNO Central power. Those elements left UMNO and formed this new party. Their members form the crux of what kept Malaysia at the level that it had been before this drop, caused mainly by its coalition cohorts in Pakatan.

BN. Refer to PPBM. Additionally, while there had been arrests and jailtime for certain BN politicians in the past, there has been no notable politicians of late who have been charged by the MACC, even after investigations. The most high profile of these is PM Najib, who has been cleared in Malaysia by the PAC, whose deputy Chairman is a DAP representative named Tan Seng Giaw. The Swiss investigation cleared the PM, while the DoJ case is practically dead in the water, precisely due to tampered, and false evidence. Singapore clearly jailed other people who most certainly weren’t Malaysian politicians, so that couldn’t have factored.

So, thanks Pakatan. Not only did you try your best to damage the economy during times of recession and regrowth, you also managed to contribute to Malaysia sinking seven places on the corruption index.

Thanks but no thanks. We don’t need your rumput.


Jho Lo just got his boat confiscated in Bali yesterday by the Indonesian govt.

Strange huh?

Must be the pembangkang and their powerful allies.


📰 The official said it was not certain whether the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would be involved.

“We will see how this develops… Whether we can do a joint investigation later or whether we can hand it over later, we are in the process of collecting and investigating.” – Reuters 🗞

Well, if even the DoJ can land itself into a foot-in-the-mouth situation, I won’t be surprised if the Pakatoons can fool the Indonesians with their made up stories.

I should remind you that Clare Brown’s close ally Lukas Straumann of BMF fame had recently had his lawsuit thrown out as they clearly didn’t have enough evidence to support their very serious and convincing allegations.

Given the modus operandi of the Pakatoons that rely incessantly on fake news and fake allegations, this is like another attempt by them in Indonesia to cast another pall onto the elections by implicating the PM into every little angle that they can, and this is but another case of that.

Even when you have convictions related to the case (as the one in Singapore), it is some entirely different people that the Pakatoon Dungus never went after. So obvious you have a specific target in mind, and damn everyone and everything else, even the truth.

Jho Lo just got his boat confiscated in Bali yesterday by the Indonesian govt.

Strange huh?

Must be the pembangkang and their powerful allies. — Zafir Zakaria


We wait then.

I guess to build up a case, evidence needs to be collected.

The DOJ would be foolhardy to confiscate items related to Jho Lo (and associates) without first establishing legal basis.

If no wrong doing is established, wouldnt the DOJ be facing a counter suit?

A seasoned lawyer such as the head of DOJ would surely understand the repurcussion.

Hence I find this strange.

But having glanced through the DOJ report, I believe they know what they are doing.

But then maybe they are over confident.


Zafir Zakaria I say, catch whoever’s the real culprit, and be done with it.

All the best in your endeavors.


Agreed sir. The scandal is getting a tad tiring. Get it over with and move on, I say.


Zafir Zakaria hear, hear.


Dei, to much toddy kah? Looks like you are a damned smart ass. The whole world is wrong… Like that you should be working for Wall Street instead of makan dedak. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


“The whole world is wrong”.

This coming from someone who still thinks Sarawak Report is gospel truth, and everybody else is wrong, despite knowing that it’s a fake news site.

That’s classic Pakatan mentality when they would rather listen to their own fantasies about Malaysia getting broke, despite the World Bank, WEF, etc saying otherwise.

Of course, lacking better counters, you resort to name-calling and racial clichés, in the hope of diverting attention away from the Pakatoon shenanigans, which includes the fanning up of 1MDB as a political issue to topple government undemocratically, and also divert from corruption cases that have been suppressed but is surfacing despite their best efforts to cover them up. Penang and Selangor are the two places that Dungus would rather you really not look because they have been up no good while they think no one was watching.


Zafir Zakaria maybe PKR & dap making fake video.🤣


Will still drop more if this circus goes on.

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