Gifts For Cat Lovers

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Did a specific person (could be yourself) come to mind when you read the title? We’ve all got the one (or many) friends who’s in love with cats and either (a) has a cat whom their live revolves around, or (b) can’t have a cat for whatever reason but is crazy over anything that resembles them. Admittedly, I am the latter. To celebrate all that is catlike and wonderful, check out this list of 10 gifts for cat lovers. Trust me, they will love it and think of you as an oh-so-thoughtful and amazing friend.

An Expressive Cup

Image credit: Frizzmug

To be placed on the desk to remind people to be nice. You can get it on Etsy here. For something less passive aggressive, get a coffee mug with cat ears and a face here, or a fancier one in black and gold here.

Infuse their days with another cat

Image credit: Baffect

One for the cat lovers who prefer tea over coffee, how adorable is this pink kitty infuser? Get it here, also available in black or white, and there’s a dog design for those who prefer pooches.

Mat of a cat

Image credit: Urban Outfitters

To help keep their feet off the cold bathroom floor in the mornings, get this mat here. Also probably the only time a ‘cat’ will allow us to wipe our feet all over it.

Catty poster

Image credit: Serenity Wall Art

Simple, clean, and straight to the point. Your crazy cat friend is sure to appreciate this self-explanatory poster. Get it from Etsy here.

Cat planter

Image credit: Asos

Why use normal planters when you can use cat-shaped ones? Get this pretty pot here.

For feline dreams

Image credit: Xenotees

Literally one meaningful line design on a pillowcase that’ll make your feline-loving friend’s day (and nights). The cat probably doesn’t come with the pillowcases, which you can purchase here.

Cat people empowerment cushion

Image credit: Creative Pillow

There’s also one that says “Don’t trust people who don’t ‘meow’ back at their cats” here, a Frida Kahlo-inspired one here, and another with the text, “Reserved for the cat” here.

IRL cat filter (mirror)

Image credit: Asos

If Snapchat filters aren’t enough, get this feline face mirror on Asos here. There’s also a classy rose gold version here and an extendable gold bathroom mirror with cat ears here.

Light up their (cat-loving) life

Image credit: Asos

This is a lamp, but it’s no ordinary lamp because it is a cat lamp. You can purchase this purr-eety piece here.


Cat sheet mask

Image credit: Asos

This might probably look a little creepy on a human face, but it’ll be a fun addition to their beauty ritual. Get this gato goodness sheet mask here.

I hope you find this list inspirational, if nothing else. As a cat person myself, I would honestly be happy receiving any and all of the items listed, so I hope your cat friend does too!

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