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5 Things to Remember When Moving to Another Country

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The decision has been made, you’re moving to a new country! This big shift can be a joyful, eye-opening experience, but it’s important to have a good and organised foundation in place to help that along. Whether that includes finding out where to settle local summons or even just being adventurous enough to try local food, here’s sharing some general tips of five things to keep in mind when moving to another country.

Passports and visas in check

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Make sure to be fully prepared with the necessary visas and permits. Some of these legal documents can take as little time as an hour, or as long as a few months to get sorted out. Unless the flights are out-of-this-world cheap, you might want to consider holding off on that ticket until after the documents are secured. Research and triple check on the possible documents you and your moving companion might need to relocate for the long term. Flying back and forth every few months just for visa renewals can be tiresome and expensive.

On bank accounts and credit cards

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As with opening a bank account anywhere, research the bank choices in your new country. If their information online is not sufficient, do your homework and call or email them to get a clear answer on annual fees, charges for overseas transactions or transfers; things like that. You could also read our guide on how to open a bank account in Malaysia, if this is where you’re shifting to. Do the same with credit cards. Some cards offer perks geared towards travel, while others reward you for spending on groceries; so choose one that suits your lifestyle the best.

Make sure to have international healthcare insurance

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It’s an obvious yet easily forgotten thing, insurance is. When moving to another country, there are at least five good reasons for expats to have international healthcare insurance – emergency, convenience, pre-existing conditions, waiting time, and flexibility. If you’re relocating to Malaysia, read about some things that expats should know about healthcare in Malaysia, as well as how to select the right plan before making your choice. You could also look up large international healthcare insurance providers like Cigna Global for credible and updated information too.

Getting around the new place

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If you won’t immediately have your own car, check ahead to plan out potential commutes. Is your new home well-connected by public transport to grocery stores or banks? Even in this convenient age of ride-hailing services, do some research in advance to scout out your new neighbourhood and whether it’s easy to get a ride there.

Be open minded and accepting to local culture

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Finally, open your heart and mind to your new surroundings! No man is an island (unless you prefer to be), and there are sure to be some friendly locals wherever you’re relocating to. Take up their offer to try local food (even durian), accept invites to night outs, and just have good faith in their sincerity until otherwise proven. Life is an adventure, and moving to another country sure is a big part. It’s up to you to make it a happy and memorable experience!

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