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Picking the Right Account When Moving to a New Country

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It’s not an easy task relocating to a new country. There are a lot of things that need to be set in order, such as housing, utilities, and health insurance, to name a few, but one of the more tedious processes is getting a bank account set up.

Depending on the bank that interests you, it may take an expat days (or longer) just to get a local bank account set up. There’s the option of carrying out transactions with your existing bank account from your home country, but let’s not forget the hidden charges when doing international transactions and when an exchange rate is applied. In reality, those charges can add up to a significant sum. So how can you get around this?

Speed and Convenience

Access to finances is important during the first few weeks in a new country, and while the process to set up an account may take some time, perhaps you can consider an alternative, such as BigPay. Dubbed as the fastest account to open in Malaysia, regardless of whether you’re local or an expat, their mission is simple – to provide low-cost, fair, and transparent financial services for everybody. This certainly closes a financial gap, as it provides a feasible alternative for transactions to be carried out anywhere in the world!

Anyone can set up an account and opening one is quick, paperless, and painless because it’s all done through your phone!

After downloading the BigPay app and signing up, you will be issued a unique MasterCard that will enable you to spend securely at over 35 million merchants worldwide – both on and offline – as well as withdraw cash from ATMs globally. And signing up for an account only takes three minutes! The card may take three to five days to arrive, but after this point, all you need to do is use your MasterCard, just like you would with any other credit card, it’s that simple!

Transparent and Easy

Other than the fact that it’s simple, easy, and quick to set up an account, BigPay practices full transparency and ensures lower fees than your average bank card, especially when travelling. Typically, banks have hidden charges when a foreign card is used locally to carry out transactions; however, BigPay ensures that the user will only pay for what they use. There will be no foreign exchange (FX) mark-up on international spending, a downfall of most banks as many debit and credit cards charge large FX spreads, transaction fees and have hidden cross-border fees, all of which is waived by BigPay! Good news for international spenders who won’t need to pay additional cross-border fees abroad.

The app also records every single transaction made, so it makes it easy for the user to monitor their spending and manage their finances, a rather useful feature especially when you’re travelling (or setting up your new home) overseas! Users can see their transactions in real time, add photo receipts to purchases, track their monthly spending, freeze their card, and even send money to friends and family for free, provided that they use BigPay, too.

Travelling Benefits

Travelling in the Southeast Asian region when living in Malaysia is inevitable, and with AirAsia, the world’s best low cost carrier, providing cheap flights to scores of destinations within the region, BigPay takes the benefits an extra mile by offering more to users! The app will greatly reward and benefit you if you’re a traveller, as you can enjoy reduced travel cost. You will also enjoy zero processing fees when travelling with AirAsia, as well as pre-booked food and beverage, and baggage discounts.

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