Driving Safely in Malaysia with Children

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Contributed by Jennifer Dawson

Despite rigorous road safety campaigns, accidents on the Malaysian roads reach over 400,000 a year. Although the country’s Road Safety Plan is aiming to reduce these figures, knowing the rules of the road is crucial for driving safely, particularly when unfamiliar with a country’s driving culture. This is especially true when there are children in the car. Driving conditions can be challenging at the best of times and there are many things you need to know about driving in Malaysia, so when the children are in tow make sure you’re not a stranger to being prepared for a car trip in Malaysia.

Buckling up

By 2019 child safety seats will be compulsory in Malaysia, so whether it’s around the streets of Kuala Lumpur or a trip to the Taman Negara National Park, choosing the correct car seat is paramount to traveling safely. Deciding which car seat is best for your personal needs will depend on many things such as the age of your child, safety features of a convertible car seat and how user-friendly the seat is. Researching aspects of car safety when traveling in Malaysia with children will better ensure protection for a journey.

Avoiding distractions

Traveling with children can often be an unpredictable experience with sudden interruptions from the back seat: demands for a drink, squabbling with siblings or waking up crying from a long sleep. There are already enough distractions on a Malaysian road so preparing for the journey beforehand will make managing distractions easier for when they do occur. Ensuring your child, or children, are buckled up safely will limit any potential accidents if you suddenly have to hit the brakes.

Schedule regular stops

Despite Malaysia’s excellent road system, both nationally and its well-connected links with Thailand and Singapore, it’s likely that if you’re on a family road trip in Malaysia, a great deal of time will be stuck in traffic. Making regular stops is a necessity to a safer journey so planning your trip in advance will give a better idea of where’s best to rest. If you’re planning on crossing a border, you should certainly be prepared for long waits especially when arriving later at the border so stock up on snacks and drinks before you set off.

Considering all these options before setting off will make the car journey more pleasurable for everyone and give you more time to enjoy the streets and landscapes of Malaysia while you’re on the road.


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