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Stressed Over Moving Abroad? Let the Professionals Handle Everything

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This post is brought to you in part by Crown Relocations.

With over 50 years of highly-rated experience of moving individuals, families, offices, and whole companies, Crown Relocations have become one of the most searched services in the hectic event of moving not just domestically, but also internationally. With offices and headquarters in over 200 locations in almost 60 countries worldwide, they’re one of the most well-connected and highly-recommended relocation companies that not only facilitate the moving of personal property, but also provide immigration services, settling-in services, pet relocation, and many more.

Among the many services provided, the top-most highlighted observation by customers conclude the effortless ease experienced with Crown Relocations that prioritizes convenience and hassle-free moving.

Here are 5 reasons why Crown Relocations is the recommended choice around the world.

1. In-home Consultation

Relocating, whether it’s within your own country or going abroad is never an easy mission to tackle. The hours spent fixated on all the details and arrangements can be overwhelming, tiring, and overly consuming. Instead of agonizing over all the relative aspects of your move, just one consultation with Crown Relocations’ personal consultants will help you compartmentalize all the necessary orchestration and details of your move, allowing you to have a clearer picture of the whole process, and to minimize an overall stressful situation.

Crown’s specialized consultants will make home visits to understand the nature of your move that includes:

• Meeting with you to discuss all your requirements and addressing any questions you have

• Accompany you on a walk-through of your home and complete a detailed inventory of all goods to be moved

• Assess any fragile or high-value items that require additional protection or special treatment

• Accurately assess the volume of your goods and any special packing requirements

• Discuss your preferred packing dates and potential transit times

• Determine any extra services, such as storage, house cleaning, car or pet transportation

• Discuss rules for transporting dangerous goods, food, liquids and/or alcohol

2. Packing Day Services

Once a date and time for moving day has been agreed upon after hiring Crown Relocation services, a dedicated team will arrive and proceed with:

• Packing

• Labeling

• Loading

Crown movers are known for their skill in the technical side of packing, as well as their courtesy when visiting a customer’s home. Prior to loading, every item is numbered to match the packing inventory, and color-coded labels are used to help delivery crews match items to the right rooms at the arrival destination. Through intensive training programs, Crown movers learn the best practices in handling each and every customers belongings safely and with the utmost care.

Movers conducting each relocation will also have separate and specific packing materials for furniture, small and large fragile items, clothing, audio-visual equipment, rugs and large sized carpeting, special and valuable items, and vehicles. 

3. Dedicated Move Manager

As an extra guided precaution, all relocation services will appoint a Dedicated Move Manager to communicate and liaise with each customer. This eliminates the worrisome concerns that come with a big move, and having a personal overseer who will be there every step of the way is a massive advantage that lightens the burden of customers. Your designated moving manager will be there to ensure a smoother transition from the starting point to the final destination.

4. Pet Relocation

For customers who have furry family members, moving can be just as stressful for them too. Crown’s specialized services include consultation and assistance with moving your pets along with you. With a network of pet transfer specialists, your pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate handlers. Your Dedicated Move Manager will be on hand to guide you through all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations associated with pet relocation, ensuring a worry-free experience for both your pet and you.

5. Partner Support Program

For customers with spouses and partners who are relocating due to a logistical career requirement, this can be quite a daunting experience for your other half. A part of Crown’s specialized services include understanding the challenges that may be ahead for a partner embarking on an international assignment. Customers can opt for a prior consultation and a customized programme that includes:

• Guidance on the creation of personal/professional networks

• Access to employment networks

• Coaching on resume writing and interview performance at the host country covering necessary culture and norms

• Discussions on non-employment based opportunities to build a stimulating lifestyle such as starting a business, higher education, volunteering, and personal interests

Whatever the concern, Crown Relocations will help to manage the overall process of your move, guiding you from start to finish, all while maintaining impeccable professionalism, courtesy, and care.

For more information, visit Crown Relocations’ website here.

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