VIDEO UPDATE: Malaysia’s Ongoing MM2H Saga Continues in Tandem with the Coronavirus Crisis

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July’s MM2H update also includes a brief overview of the ongoing coronavirus crisis and the current state of affairs in Malaysia.

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme has been a popular retirement scheme since its introduction over two decades ago. However, the programme has been in a state of disarray since the pandemic began, and is now currently suspended.

The suspension is purportedly for revisions to be made to the programme (though it has been revised in the past without a suspension being deemed necessary), and it’s still not entirely clear when the programme will be relaunched.

Consequently, there continue to be many questions about the MM2H programme, ranging from when the full details of the revised programme will be announced to when stranded MM2Hers will be allowed back into the country.

People who are outside of Malaysia at this time may also have more general questions about the state of things regarding the Covid-19 crisis and Malaysia’s response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

TEG Media’s CEO Andy Davison has worked closely with the MM2H programme since its inception, and attempts to answer all these questions in his monthly video about the programme, along with some updates about news and other matters in Malaysia.

The video update (about five minutes) for July can be seen below:

TEG Media CEO Andy Davison gives his monthly MM2H update

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Interested in what life as an MM2Her can be like in Malaysia? Check out this great story about an expat couple who are thoroughly enjoying their lives in Malaysia, despite currently facing the immense challenges of the pandemic.

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