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Escaped Croc Terrifies Indonesian Vaccination Centre Crowd

Feature Image courtesy of Jen Palmer / Unsplash
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Which is scarier: the undead or a wild reptile? With people competing to have the most memorable vaccine experience, maybe animals want a piece of the action, too.

We’ve now seen several stories of people showing up for their vaccinations in various costumes with the intention of raising spirits and lightening the mood. Apart from hilarious and eye-catching cosplay ensembles, and even a T-rex, a recent incident in Sungai Buloh saw a man turn up for his Covid-19 vaccine dressed up as a shrouded ghost (known locally as pocong) to delight the macabre at heart and scare the living daylights out of everyone else at his local PPV.

Speaking of scary, if you’re wondering if there was anything else that could top turning up as the undead, let’s take a look at what happened in the city of Tuban at the end of August 2021.

Unassuming residents in Tuban, East Java, who showed up for their vaccinations also received the fright of their lives when they were joined by a rather nonchalant crocodile.

Appearing from a nearby sewer, the emergence of the crocodile understandably caused quite a stir, prompting all vaccinations to cease momentarily, as several people attempted to secure the animal.

An escaped pet crocodile emerging out of a sewage drain near a vaccination venue in Indonesia. Photo: Video screengrab
An escaped pet crocodile emerging out of a sewage drain near a vaccination venue in Indonesia | Image Credit: Coconuts Jakarta

“There was some chaos earlier when people were getting their jabs at the clinic. But the crocodile was captured and tied up by several people,” said Bagio, a witness interviewed at the scene.

To everyone’s surprise, the one-metre-long croc was not a wild creature, but an actual pet of a 15-year-old boy which had gone missing about a week before it appeared at the vaccination centre.

Image Credit: Mashable SEA

The teen had been frantic over his croc’s disappearance and attempted to locate him by putting up “missing pet” notices in his locality. Although it’s technically illegal to own reptiles like crocodiles in Indonesia, authorities let the teen go under strict advice to fortify the croc’s enclosure to ensure no more escapes, and to make sure his beloved pet is fed regularly so it did not need to venture out again for a snack.

Video Credit: YouTube

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