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So, you’ve finally made the decision to move to Malaysia. Now you need to get a visa for Malaysia.

Below we’ve provided snapshots of the various types of visas for Malaysia and relevant links to additional information.


Holiday/Social Visit Visas in Malaysia

Visitors to Malaysia, whether on business or leisure, do not usually need a visa. Those from developed countries will usually receive permission to stay for up to three months when they arrive in Malaysia. You are advised to check with the nearest Malaysian embassy for the latest requirements.

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Work Permit Visas in Malaysia

Many foreigners wishing to live and work in Malaysia need an employment pass. These are not that difficult to obtain as long as the company hiring you does not appear to be hiring you for a job that could easily be filled by a Malaysian. Additionally, the company must meet certain minimum paid up capital requirements.

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Residence Pass for Malaysia

The Residence Pass in Malaysia is formally known as the Residence Pass–Talent (RP-T).  It is a fairly new visa option in Malaysia the Malaysian Government that allows foreigners to work and live in Malaysia for up to 10 years.

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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visas

Foreign nationals wishing to retire in Malaysia can apply for a Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa. This is a renewable ten year visa which allows the visa holder to come and go freely and take up residence here in Malaysia. Applicants need to show they receive a fixed monthly income (usually over the equivalent of RM10,000 a month) in order to qualify as well as prove their cash assets.

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Permanent Residency Status in Malaysia

The road to a Permanent Residency (PR) in Malaysia can be arduous but fulfilling. Holders of a PR are able to stay and remain in a country indefinitely, seek employment freely, own a business, acquire properties, and enter and exit the country in way that is similar to Malaysian citizens.

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