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ExpatGo is looking for freelance writers (paid) and guest contributors (non-paid). We are looking for quality writers to contribute fascinating stories related to Malaysia.

ExpatGo attracts over 200,000 monthly online readers (i.e. unique users verified by Google Analytics). According to, it is ranked in the top 1,000 websites worldwide for traffic in Malaysia. This media site is dedicated to publishing news and lifestyle articles for living better in Malaysia. It attracts a cosmopolitan audience comprising both Malaysians and expats.

Note: All story ideas need to have some connection with Malaysia.

Freelance Contributors (Paid)

Freelance contributors are paid writing opportunities. To qualify for a freelance writing opportunity, you must have had at least some work published and any article you contribute to ExpatGo must be exclusive to the site. If you don’t meet this criteria, consider our Guest Contributor opportunity below. Here are some thoughts to help get you started.

How to contribute?

Send a short email to at [email protected] with the following info:

  1. What you’d like to write about
  2. What experience you have that qualifies you to write about your chosen topic
  3. The basic points you want to make in your piece
  4. Samples of your work

See articles from our team of professional freelancers on the ExpatGo Contributors page.

Guest Contributors and Community (Non-paid)

Guest contributions are non-paid writing opportunities, but you’ll get a byline so it’s a great way to get exposure to a large number of engaged readers. This is useful for writers who want to re-publish existing articles they wrote elsewhere. Also, if you haven’t had any work published yet, this is a good starting point.

How to contribute?

Send a short email to [email protected] with the following info:

  1. What you’d like to write about
  2. What experience you have that qualifies you to write about your chosen topic
  3. The basic points you want to make in your piece or a link to an existing article that you’d like us to publish

See articles from our community and guest contributors on the ExpatGo Community page.

ExpatGo Contributors’ FAQ

The great thing about being an expat is you get to share your experiences with people, particularly those who have just arrived in Malaysia – or speak to the locals and embrace their way of life. That’s why we’re always looking for people to contribute guest posts and articles, if they fit into our general editorial style.

We will judge each contribution on a case by case basis and publish as we see fit – but you will of course get a byline. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

What are you looking for from a Contributor post?

Insightful analysis, first-hand experience, engaging opinion, the inside track or expert advice. Tell us what expats and locals need to know about life in Malaysia, or what they would enjoy reading.

Look at our site and get an idea for the types of stories we run, and don’t pitch ideas we’ve already used. Be accurate with spelling, grammar, and facts; back up your opinions. As for word count, 500-800 words is about right.The

These are the usual formats our articles follow:

These are our usual areas of interest:

  • Automotive / Architecture & Design / Culture & History / Education  / Entertainment / Fashion / Shopping / Travel / Things To Do / Places to Go / Other – pitch an idea!

Will you edit my work?

Absolutely. We will often edit a piece so it works for ExpatGo’s style. We’ll also source and provide our own photos.

What should I avoid?

It goes without saying that we don’t want promotional, biased PR-style posts. You should also not use your post as a recruiting tool. You should always disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Also, posts that are overly-technical, overly emotional, damaging to others (in terms of personal attacks or work that infringes on others’ intellectual property), or marketing tools will not be published.

Also, be warned that since contributors are not on staff you can’t use our name for press credentials.

Please note: we will endeavour to reply to every enquiry but we may not be able to. Please assume that we will only get in touch if we are interested in your pitch, thanks.


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