More Malaysians Returning Home as Talent Corp’s Efforts Bear

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Talent Corp Malaysia has received good response for its returning expert programme where experienced Malaysian professionals abroad are provided incentives to return and work in the country.

“In 2010, prior to us coming on board, 300 expert professionals were approved under this programme. Last year, we came in and approved 680; in the first four months, we approved 400,” Johan Mahmood Merican, CEO of Talent Corp told StarBiz.

The programme has been around for a while; prior to Talent Corp, it was under Ministry of Human Resources.
Johan: ‘On a broader level, there is more confidence among these professionals that the transformation is really happening.’

“We are starting from a low base but we have shown that we can drive good results. We see it as an upward trend. “On a broader level, there is more confidence among these professionals that the transformation is really happening,” said Johan.

The economies in the West are in turbulence, and countries in Asia are the current powerhouses. “We also have historical and long commercial ties with them. In that sense, there is greater interest in coming back as well,” he added.

Besides this confluence of factors, the quality of the returnees speak for themselves. For example, they include:
-Zainal Abidin Jalil, more than 15 years with ExxonMobil. He had just returned last year and is currently CEO of Malakoff Bhd;
-Dr Kenneth Pereira, who just returned from India last year, is CEO of Hibiscus Petroluem Bhd and
-Rhoda Yap, who worked for McKinsey, is CEO of British India.

In addition, some of multinationals are also looking to leverage on their global network to bring some of the Malaysians overseas back into senior management. For example, prior to assuming his present position, Shell chairman Anuar Taib had served in various capacities in Miri, Kuala Lumpur and New Orleans.

Other companies with similar priorities include Intel and Standard Chartered Bank. “Things are happening,” said Johan. “There is strong growth in priority sectors. We have to bring back top talent and nurture it in Malaysia.”

Article source: The Star Newspaper, May 25th 2012

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