Above the Clouds… A Night at Bunglow Rompin, Fraser's Hill

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What does a writer do when adjectives like ‘magnificent’ and ‘amazing’ fall far below what they’re meant to describe? Recently returned from Bunglow Rompin in Fraser’s Hill, I find myself exactly in this position, as the experience has surpassed all expectation. Luckily, the fringe benefits of the job are (cough) magnificent and amazing. Bunglow Rompin sits nestled into a jungle-covered outcrop of Fraser’s Hill, just outside of the town-proper. Part of the Alun-Alun Resort group (known for exclusive luxury and attention to detail), you wouldn’t know you were a short 5-minute drive from the heart of rustic Fraser’s Hill. Once you’ve entered the Rompin’s grounds, all that seems left is living jungle, the cool highland breeze, and the rolling fog upon the distant hills.

The Rompin’s grounds are meticulously maintained, adorned with many species of flowers that thrive at this elevation. Green and spacious, the setting offers many nooks and crannies for private moments, shared intimacies, and more. In all, the surroundings instil a deep sense of serenity, and a full breath of highland air in those instances of tranquil solitude give life an understood purpose.

One thing you’ll soon understand is Bunglow Rompin is exclusively yours for the night. With three main bedrooms (and several more smaller rooms), the Rompin is very well suited to small groups or couples wanting for a precious few moments of relaxed intimacy. The house’s caretakers say the Rompin is over 90 years old, and it’s a fabulous architectural display of colonial living in simpler times. The rooms are spacious, and decked out with ‘period piece’ furniture that helps make the Rompin more an experience than a stay.

But your colonial experience isn’t a hampered by the limitations of bygone eras. For your modern convenience and distraction, there’s satellite television, a microwave oven, hot showers, and all the other amenities you’d expect from an exclusive resort. You’re met at your car by the house’s caretaker and butler, who takes your bags and quickly becomes a welcome face during your stay. He once cooked for the Sultan of Selangor, and the meals he prepares still befit royalty. Asian or Western, lunch, dinner, or breakfast, the staff make you feel at home in luxury.



Source: The Expat May 2005 
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