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The Magical Med.@ Marche-Live at Renaissance KL

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THIS YEAR MARKS the 10th anniversary of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) and as usual it is set to be the gastronomic event of the year with some of the most upscale KL restaurants once again participating. And centre-stage on the culinary map is the very popular Med.@ Marché-Live in the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.This year the theme is Magical Chefs and I can personally attest that Med.@ Marché-Live’s Magical Chef, Australian Paul Lewis, has been crafting some extraordinary fare during the MIGF which runs from 22 September through to 31 October.

Walking into Med.@Marché-Live I always feel a special spark setting my mood because of the cozy, yet regal ambience that envelopes me.The impeccable and classy service begins the moment you enter and are seated. Our glasses were filled with the judiciously selected Rufino Orvieto Classico Wine which we all agreed was perfectly paired with the appetizing salmon crudo. We were then presented with a sandwich consisting of a slice of seared duck liver with thyme and butter along with slices of home-made duck proscuitto with a raisin and walnut juice dressing on sourdough bread, tastefully complemented with a glass of Rufino Aziano Chianti Classico wine.

A marvellous Brodetto was next and showcased Chef’s sublime talent with creating a tangy seafood broth that was not overpowering, just very tasty and an appropriate prelude to the rump of lamb which followed. I thought the seared, caramelized slow roasted lamb went extraordinarily well with the mousse made out of parsnip.The flavours in the lamb were further drawn out by the Rufino Classico wine.

Toffee crusted gorgonzola was served with fresh bread and local kumquat preserve and fresh apple making way for the grand finale of Med.@Marché-Live’s classic tiramisu soaked in a robust coffee syrup and topped with cocoa. Put Med.@Marché-Live on your own culinary map as you travel the Gourmet Festival route yourselves! If you prefer, the chef also offers a four course menu for his Festival Menu.


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Source: The Expat October 2010 Issue

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